How long does swelling after a flight last?

It’s also a typically harmless phenomenon. The fact is, you have just been sitting too long — and all the liquids (i.e. blood) in your body have sunk to your feet. The effect should only last for a short time, and dissipates shortly after you walk off the plane.

How do I get rid of water retention after flying?

Stay Hydrated. Drinking enough water during your flight is important for your overall health and can directly improve your digestive system. When you drink water, your body naturally filters out the extra sodium it might retain when it bloats after flying.

Why do I swell up after a flight?

Swelling is most common for travelers when they are flying. Those long hours spent sitting in your cabin chair causes blood to pool into your feet and ankles, also known as gravitational edema. It happens when you are in an upright position for a long time, but aren’t moving.

How do you get rid of swollen feet after flying?

To relieve foot swelling during a flight:

  1. Wear loosefitting clothing.
  2. Take a short walk every hour or so.
  3. Flex and extend your ankles and knees frequently while you’re seated.
  4. Flex your calf muscles.
  5. Shift your position in your seat as much as possible, being careful to avoid crossing your legs.

Can your feet get swollen from sitting too long?

Edema happens when water gets trapped in the tissues in your body. Many things can cause this to happen. Sometimes gravity pulls water down into your legs and feet. Sitting in one place for too long can cause edema of the legs.

Why do my feet swell after a long flight?

If you have ever traveled on a long flight, chances are you are familiar with the resulting foot and leg swelling. According to, this swelling is most likely caused by blood and fluid pooling in your lower extremities due to long periods of inactivity.

Why your feet and ankles swell after a flight?

Swollen ankles and feet result from the accumulation of fluid building in the body during a flight. Limiting usual mobility causes the flow of blood to joints and limbs to become much more sluggish than usual. When the legs and feet aren’t moving as much as usual, blood doesn’t flow properly to the ankles and feet, encouraging swelling.

Do Your Feet and ankles swell after air travel?

People who are significantly overweight may be at heightened risk for ankle and foot swelling after a flight, as are men and women over the age of 60. Menstruating women also are more prone to develop swelling and blood clots after long flights.

Why do my legs/feet swell after I fly?

Many people experience feet or ankles swelling when they fly because sitting for an extended period with your feet on the floor like you do on a plane, makes it hard for blood to flow freely in your legs, which then leads to pooling of the blood in the veins of your legs.