How is Montresor indirectly characterized by Edgar Allan Poe?

In “The Cask of Amontillado”, Edgar Allan Poe demonstrates through indirect characterization that the narrator, Montresor, is fake towards his arch nemesis, Fortunato. In the short story, Fortunato eventually tricks Montresor and buries him alive.

What type of character is Montresor In The Cask of Amontillado?

Montresor is an exaggerated, over-the-top figure. He’s the embodiment of the sneaky, vengeful part of human beings.

How does Poe characterize Montresor In The Cask of Amontillado?

The easiest way to describe Montresor would be as vengeful, single-minded, and unforgiving. Given Montresor’s unerring performance in tricking Fortunato into his cellar and his chosen method of murdering his “friend,” we can confidently say that Montresor is a creative man, and clever.

What does Montresor think of himself?

Montresor thinks of himself as an honorable, perhaps high-class person worthy of respect.

What Montresor says about himself?

What is Montresor weakness?

According to the narrator, a man called Montresor, Fortunato’s weakness is his pride in his connoisseurship of wine. Montresor runs into Fortunato during the carnival season and initially feigns his friendship.

Is Montresor remorseful at the end?

Although Montresor states that it is the damp air of the catacombs that makes him feel sick at the end of the story, Poe hints that Montresor’s sick feelings represent remorse for his actions. Further, up until this point, the dampness of the catacombs only bothered Fortunato, not Montresor.

Is Montresor a reliable or unreliable character?

| Certified Educator One view is that Montresor is an unreliable narrator because of his deranged attitude and behavior toward Fortunato. Another view might be taken wherein Montresor’s behavior toward Fortunato is separated from the narrative he reports about his behaviors and about events leading up to Fortunato’s entombment.

Is Montresor an unreliable narrator?

Montresor is considered an unreliable narrator because his opinion of Fortunato is biased. Montresor feels greatly wronged by Fortunato, but the exact wrongdoing that Fortunato has committed is never clearly mentioned in the story. As a result, readers cannot comprehend or agree with Montresor’s extreme form of revenge,…

How does Montresor manipulate Fortunato?

Montresor manipulates Fortunato by promising that the bottle is deep within his family’s catacombs (which double as a wine cellar), and he lures him to his predesigned burial place with the temptation of a drink. Montresor further manipulates Fortunato by bringing Luchesi into the equation.

What do Montresor and Fortunato have in common?

First of all, there are basic features which the two characters Montresor and Fortunato have in common, namely, both of them live in Italy and have a good knowledge about wine, and therefore are passionate wine collectors and of course also wine drinkers, but of course no alcoholics.