How far was the charge at Beersheba?

The Turkish forces held the line from Gaza near the coast to Beersheba, about 46 kilometres to its south-east.

Who captured Beersheba?

On the morning of 31 October 1917 men of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade attacked Tel el Saba, a fortified hill 3.2 km north-east of Beersheba. After six hours of hard fighting the New Zealanders captured the hill.

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What happened Beersheba?

According to the Hebrew Bible, Beersheba was founded when Abraham and Abimelech settled their differences over a well of water and made a covenant (see Genesis 21:22-34). Abimelech’s men had taken the well from Abraham after he had previously dug it so Abraham brought sheep and cattle to Abimelech to get the well back.

Where is Beersheba now?

southern Israel
Beersheba, Hebrew Beʾer Shevaʿ, biblical town of southern Israel, now a city and the main centre of the Negev (ha-Negev) region.

How many light horsemen charge Beersheba?

58,000 light horsemen
Ottoman casualties are believed to be about 1000 (killed and wounded). The success of this charge allowed approx 60,000 allied troops access to water. By 10 pm on 31 October, approximately 58,000 light horsemen and 100,000 animals had swarmed into Beersheba.

What is a Lighthorseman?

noun, plural light-horse·men. a light-armed cavalry soldier.

When did Beersheba end?

30 October 1918
Almost one year to the day after the Battle of Beersheba, the Sinai-Palestine Offensive concluded on the 30 October 1918, with the Armistice of Mudros which led to the cession of the territories of Ottoman Syria and Palestine, and the beginning of the end of the Ottoman Empire.

What was the date of the Battle of Beersheba?

On 31 October 1917, the heavily fortified town of Beersheba was the scene of a historic charge by the men of the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade. Commencing at dusk, the brigade stormed the town, using their bayonets as swords in a highly unconventional charge.

How did the Australian Light Horse win the Battle of Beersheba?

Decisive victory at Beersheba fell to one of the last great cavalry charges in history, in which men of the Australian Light Horse swept into the town’s centre to secure crucial water wells, along the way engaging in fierce hand to hand combat with entrenched Ottoman defenders.

Who was in charge of the EEF during the Battle of Beersheba?

Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Philip Chetwode (commanding the EEF’s Eastern Force) began the Stalemate in Southern Palestine, defending essentially the same entrenched lines held at the end of the second battle. He initiated regular mounted reconnaissance into the open eastern flank of the Gaza to Beersheba line towards Beersheba.

How many horses died in the Battle of Beersheba?

However, 31 men from the Light Horse lost their lives and an additional 36 were wounded. At least 70 horses also died during the charge. The occupation of Beersheba was the beginning of the end for the Turkish defensive line.