How does Rainsford and Whitney discussion?

At the beginning of “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford and Whitney have a discussion about hunting and the feelings of animals. In his discussion with Whitney about hunting and the feelings of animals, Rainsford shows that he completely lacks sympathy for his prey and believes that animals have no feelings.

What was the conversation between Whitney and Rainsford?

In Rainsford’s conversation with his friend, Whitney, Rainsford says that there are only two classes in the world – the hunted and the huntee. Rainsford does not entertain the thought that animals have any feelings or thoughts other than the fear of pain and the fear of death.

What do Whitney and Rainsford discuss while on the boat?

En route to their hunting excursion in Brazil, Whitney and Rainsford discuss Ship-Trap Island and the hunter/prey relationship.

How does Rainsford and Whitney’s discussion about hunting at the start of the story foreshadow later events?

How does Rainsford and Whitney’s discussion about hunting at the start of the story foreshadow later developments? A combination of quick thinking, clearheadedness, and his knowledge of hunting.

What does Rainsford hear when he wakes up on the yacht?

Rainsford hears what he believes to be gunshots as he reclines aboard a yacht on his way to hunt jaguars in the jungles of South America. Just as he reflects on how genuinely “dark” the night is, he hears the sound: An abrupt sound startled him.

What does Rainsford conversation with Whitney reveal about Rainsford attitude towards hunting?

What does Rainsford conversation with Whitney reveal about Rainsford’s attitude toward hunting? Rainsford doesn’t really care how the animals feel while hunting. He likes the thrill of the sport and doesn’t think that the animal feels what’s happening to it. He loves to hunt and is very successful.

How old is general Zaroff?

General told Rainsford that everythings a game. How old was General Zaroff when he began hunting? five years old.

What place does General zaroff tell Rainsford to avoid?

General Zaroff tells Rainsford to avoid Death Swamp, a swamp filled with quicksand on the southeast corner of Ship-Trap Island.

How old is general zaroff?

How does the conversation with Whitney in the beginning foreshadow later plot events?

Later in the story Rainsford will become the hunted; he will discover what it feels like to become “an animal at bay.” His experience is terrifying. The opening conversation with Whitney foreshadows Rainsford’s “game” with General Zaroff when Rainsford unfortunately has the chance to find out how a hunted animal feels.

What clues at the beginning of the story foreshadow danger for Rainsford?

The clues that foreshadow danger is the “blood red waters of the Caribbean” that swallowed Rainsford, him hearing gunshots, the blood found in a crushed bush, and Ivan’s reaction to finding him at the door.

What was the conversation between Rainsford and Whitney?

“Don’t talk rot, Whitney,” said Rainsford. “You’re a big game hunter, not a philosopher. Who cares how a jaguar feels?” “Perhaps the jaguar does,” observed Whitney. “Bah! They have no understanding” This early conversation between Whitney and Rainsford foreshadows the events to come.

How does Rainsford differ from Whitney in the most dangerous game?

Whitney continues to view the sport of hunting from the jaguar’s perspective and believes that animals can sense fear, pain, and danger while they are being hunted. Rainsford continues to disagree with Whitney, states that animals cannot comprehend their dire circumstances, and encourages him to be a realist.

What did Rainsford say about animals having feelings?

Rainsford believes that Whitney’s argument about animals having feelings is nonsense. He tells Whitney, “Be a realist. The world is made up of two classes—the hunters and the hunters.

What did Rainsford say to Zaroff about hunting?

Just as Rainsford had rationalized hunting to Whitney, Zaroff echoes Rainsford’s opinion that the hunter has no restrictions in pursuing his avocation. When the tables are turned and Rainsford becomes the prey, it is highly probable that Rainsford’s attitude drastically changes, revealing the irony in his earlier argument to Whitney.