How does Han come back in fast and furious?

Han faked his death and never alerted Dom or his friends about his whereabouts in order to steal a device (Project Aries) that’s at the center of “F9.” Instead, Han stumbled upon a young girl, Elle, connected to the device and had to protect her for the safety of the world.

Does Han come back in fast?

Thought to have been killed by Deckard Shaw, Han is very much alive and will be reuniting with his car-loving family in the next Fast & Furious installment. F9 marks Justin Lin’s fifth time directing a Fast & Furious movie, having previously helmed entries three through six, all of which included Han Lue.

Does Hahn come back fast and furious?

It’s no secret that Sung Kang’s presumed-dead Fast & Furious character Han returns to the franchise in new entry Fast & Furious 9 – the first trailer for the delayed action flick (released all the way back in February 2020) confirmed the fan-favourite’s resurrection, after the series had previously gone to absurd …

Does Han appear in fast 9?

A beloved character returns, a villain is redeemed, and fans celebrate. We don’t know how he’s back, but he’s back, baby! Yes, Han Lue (alias “Han Seoul-Oh”) is returning to the Fast and Furious franchise in Fast 9.

Why is the rock not in fast 9?

Dwayne, who plays Luke Hobbs in the franchise, had a fall out with lead star Vin Diesel during the making of 2017’s The Fate of the Furious that resulted in the actor dropping out of latest instalment, Fast and Furious 9. Vin recently said it was his “tough love” act that enabled Dwayne to perform better in the movies.

Why is the Rock and Jason Statham not in fast 9?

Why The Rock is not in Fast & Furious 9. The official reason given by The Rock himself is that filming of the movie clashed with the promotional trail of his spinoff movie with Jason Statham, Hobbs & Shaw. Despite this, Statham actually does appear in the new movie.

How is Han Han back in fast 9?

When it comes to the character in F9, all Kang would say was he and director Justin Lin spent a long time discussing how to bring him back into fold, explaining, “We know who and what Han is. And we’re older now. This Han is older. The things that we’ve learned as men in our personal lives, I hope it can transcend on-screen.”

When does Han Lue return to fast and furious?

The site also reported that the character will make an appearance in the saga’s 10th and final film, slated for an April 2021 release. However Han Lue makes his long-desired return in F9, the news of his survival has been a shot of adrenaline to the Fast franchise’s fanbase.

Who is Han from fast and Furious Tokyo Drift?

After winning over audiences in 2006’s The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, Han Lue — the effortlessly cool street racer, thief, businessman, and former member of Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) crew — was revealed to be back from the grave.

Why did Deckard hit Han in fast and Furious 9?

Yes, Deckard was driving a car that rammed into Han’s Mazda – as revenge against Dom for capturing, and injuring, Owen.