How does a turbine compressor work?

As hot combustion gas expands through the turbine, it spins the rotating blades. The rotating blades perform a dual function: they drive the compressor to draw more pressurized air into the combustion section, and they spin a generator to produce electricity.

What is turbine driven compressor?

As the name suggests, gas turbine engine compressors provide the compression part of the gas turbine engine thermodynamic cycle. A fourth, unusual, type is the free-piston gas generator, which combines the functions of compressor and combustion chamber in one unit.

What are the main functions of a compressor and a turbine?

A large mass of air must be supplied to the turbine in order to produce the necessary power. This mass of air is supplied by the compressor, which draws the air into the engine and squeezes it to provide high-pressure air to the turbine.

Which type of compressor is used in gas turbines?

Centrifugal compressors
Centrifugal compressors are used to power gas turbine engines used in jet aircraft, energy production, and other heavy industry applications. In a gas turbine, the centrifugal compressor transfers energy from impeller blades.

Is used to drive a compressor?

Compressors may be driven by reciprocating engines, gas turbines or electric motors. The output power from the turbine shaft is used to drive the pipeline gas compressor. Finally, electric motors use an electromagnet to produce movement.

What is the difference between turbine and compressor?

Turbine extract energy by decreasing the pressure, while compressor increase fluid pressure. 3. This because turbines deliver works by decreasing total pressure to certain static pressure, without its dynamic velocity. While compressor requires energy to achieved total pressure at the outlet.

What are the 2 types of compressor in a gas turbine engine?

Compressor Types The two principal types of compressors currently being used in gas turbine aircraft engines are centrifugal flow and axial flow. The centrifugal-flow compressor achieves its purpose by picking up the entering air and accelerating it outwardly by centrifugal action.

Is compressor a turbine?

Engine compressors have numerous uses. They are a vital part of a turbine engine, providing the high-pressure, high-temperature air for combustion as well as bleed air for system operation.