How do you write cocktail hour on a wedding invitation?


  1. The celebration continues // with cocktails, dinner and dancing.
  2. Please join us // for drinks, dinner and merriment.
  3. Celebrate // please join us for drinks, dinner and dancing.

What should a wedding reception invitation say?

All wedding invitations should include the following elements:

  • Who’s hosting.
  • The request to come to the wedding.
  • The names of the couple.
  • The date and time.
  • The location.
  • Reception information.
  • Dress code.
  • Separate RSVP card.

How do you do a cocktail style for a wedding reception?

What To Know About Cocktail Wedding Receptions

  1. tell your guests what to expect.
  2. app stations are a good idea.
  3. mix up your seating options.
  4. realize you might not actually save money.
  5. consider a non-traditional start time.
  6. Make sure you have a back-up plan.
  7. Your guests might get bored.

How do you tell guests they have to pay for drinks?

How do we let the guest know that they are expected to pay for their own drinks? The Etiquette Queen says: You simply put in the invitation, bottom left or right, in small letters the words “cash bar”…that way, your guests will know to bring money to pay for their drinks.

What can I say instead of reception to follow?

If the wedding ceremony and reception are held at the same venue, a separate line is added to the bottom of the invitation. The most common choices are: “Reception to follow”, “Dinner and Dancing to follow”, or “Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing to follow”.

What does reception to follow?

If your reception will be at the same location, indicate “reception to follow” to let guests know they don’t need to go anywhere else. If you’re having a reception at another location, you can either include it on the invitation or, more formally, print a reception card with the time and location.

How do you politely say Invite only?

“We respectfully request no children under 16 at the reception.” “Although we love your little ones, this is an adult only affair.” “The bride and groom request that this be an adults-only reception.” “Please celebrate with us at an adults-only reception immediately following the ceremony.”

Is it rude to invite guests to reception only?

While there are certain situations that make it acceptable to invite some guests to the ceremony and reception and others to just the reception alone, you should never do the opposite. Inviting someone to your ceremony and not to the reception would most likely hurt their feelings, so you shouldn’t even consider it.

Are cocktail weddings cheaper?

Cocktail receptions aren’t always necessarily cheaper than seated. Your guests will likely drink more than at a dinner reception, so your alcohol costs might go up. And depending on the style of furniture and décor, costs may be similar to a sit-down reception.

How many does a cocktail wedding reception seat?

For a cocktail style reception we recommend having seating for 50% of your guests. Everyone will want to sit at some point, and any less, people will be scrambling. Having more than 50% will look like you miss counted and don’t have enough seats. The perfect balance is key to get the look and feel you’re going for.

Is it okay to host a party and ask the guests to pay?

While this is common for the young, once you’re an adult it’s considered poor etiquette to invite others to a party, especially a sit-down dinner, and then expect them to pay for it. …

How do you politely say pay your own?

Speak Up Politely You have a few options here. You can simply say, “I would be a lot more comfortable if we each pay our own way.” Or, you could point out that there are discrepancies in what people ordered. “I noticed that some people ordered drinks while others didn’t.

What should be written in wedding invitation?

Who’s hosting

  • The request to come to the wedding
  • The names of the couple
  • The date and time
  • The location
  • Reception information
  • Dress code
  • Separate RSVP card
  • What to say on a wedding reception invitation?

    The invitations should include the host’s name and be followed by something stating “repletion in the honor of Mr. and Mrs. Last Name”. If the reception is being held at someone’s home, you want to make sure you inform guests of this by simply using the wedding reception only invite wording “at the residence of…” with the address following.

    What to write on wedding invitations?

    Wedding invitations typically begin by listing the occasion’s hosts. Write the hosts’ names and their corresponding titles, followed by a line such as “request the pleasure of your company” or “request the honor of your presence,” depending on whether the ceremony is in a house of worship, followed by the names of the two people getting married.

    What does wedding invitation say?

    The wedding invitation is the primary card in the envelope and tells your guests the who, what, when, and where of your wedding . There are also supplement materials like response cards, reception cards, directions, and other information.