How do you put certification and training on a resume?

When to include certifications on your resumeIf the employer specifically requires certification. To demonstrate industry experience. To demonstrate additional skills. If you have limited practical experience. List the certification’s title. Include the name of the host organization. List the date earned.

How do you list MOOCs on resume?

7 Tips for Listing MOOCs on Your Résumé 1) Create a New Section for MOOCs. 2) Relevance Matters — Make It Count. 3) Only List MOOCs You’ve Completed. 4) Include the Institution Name and Instructor. 5) Always Include Job-Related Skills. 6) Don’t Send Images of Your Badges, but Do Link Them.

Are MOOCs worth?

Are MOOCs worth it? Online learning isn’t for everyone, and MOOCs do tend to be most popular among graduates seeking to top up their knowledge on a subject to progress in their career. However, that’s not to say that current students can’t benefit from these courses.

What are MOOC platforms?

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a web-based platform which provides unlimited number of students worldwide with a chance of distance education with the best institutes in the world. It was established back in 2008 and gained momentum in 2012 as a popular learning tool.

How much does it cost to create a MOOC?

Based on the cost analyses we conducted of MOOC production and delivery, we estimated personnel costs ranging between $29,000 and $244,000 per MOOC, depending on the number of people involved in the process, the amount of time dedicated, and the quality of video production.

How much should I charge for my online course?

But as a general rule, we don’t recommend selling your online course for less than $50. Unless your goal is something other than to maximize revenue from your course sales, you should probably price your course for $199 or more.

How long does it take to develop 1 hour of classroom training?

How long does it take to develop 1 hour of classroom, instructor-led training? An average 1 hour instructor led course will take 43 hours to develop.

How much should I charge to write curriculum?

National Average As of , the average hourly pay for a Curriculum Writer in the United States is $35.94 an hour.