How do you play fury warrior in Wotlk?

Fury Warrior has a pretty simple combo:

  1. Use Bloodthirst then Whirlwind, repeat.
  2. If Bloodsurge procs, then use Slam.
  3. Use Heroic Strike or Cleaveas much as possible.

What is fury warrior rotation?

Fury Warrior Rotation for Shadowlands. Fury Warriors revolve around maximizing Enrage uptime and dealing damage through auto-attacks and a variety of special abilities. Enrage is guaranteed to proc from Rampage or with a 30% chance on Bloodthirst.

What gear should a fury warrior use?

Sanctum of Domination Best in Slot Gear for Fury Warriors

Item Slot Name Encounter
Chest Ancient Colossus Chassis Guardian of the First Ones
Bracers Vyraz’s Parade Cuffs Kel’Thuzad
Gloves Kyra’s Unending Protectors Kyra
Belt Disintegration-Proof Waistband Guardian of the First Ones

Is Warrior good in Wrath?

Warrior is The Best.In battle they are the leading force of might and endurance. They have super atacking and defensive buff’s. They are always Good Armored with Strong Stamina Super Power and carry Epic Weapons and shield’s.

Is Fury Warrior easy?

Despite being the “easy mode”, it is still quite effective for questing, dungeons, and raid content. If you are looking for the absolute best Fury Warrior talents, which do not compromise on performance for ease of use, you can find a more in-depth analysis on our full talents page below.

What weapons can Fury Warrior use?

Stan 4,023. Single-Minded Fury for Fury Warriors, meaning you will be able to dual wield One-Hand weapons. Single-Minded Fury (Passive) – While dual-wielding a pair of one-handed weapons, your damage done is increased by 8% and your movement speed is increased by 5%.

What weapons do fury warriors use classic?

Classic Warriors can equip the following weapons:

  • Bows.
  • Crossbows.
  • Daggers.
  • Fist Weapons.
  • Guns.
  • Polearms.
  • 1H Axes.
  • 1H Maces.

What kind of DPS does Fury warrior have?

Fury warrior has one of the highest DPS in Wotlk, with a simple straightforward rotation, and good mobility. When mastered it’s at the top of the DPS chart.

What makes up the Fury rotation in WotLK?

[Bloodsurge] – Makes up the fury rotation with BT and WW. Every time this proc’s it makes [Slam] instant. [Titan’s Grip] – Bread and butter for Fury warriors in WoTLK. This allows the use of a 2H Weapon in both the MH and OH slow, but at the price of a small damage decrease.

Which is better Fury warrior or arms warrior?

Welcome to my Fury warrior guide! I’ve decided to focus on Fury for now because that’s where I believe the maximum damage output lies for a warrior at the moment. Arms is good for when you are missing a combat rogue, but a combat rogue will outdps an arms warrior and give better buffs + Tricks.

When to use Fury warrior in 0% Lod?

This will be especially useful for 0% LoD if you have no one else doing Demo Shout (no Feral/Bear tank). This build should only be used if your raid has a Feral or a Fury Warrior with Rampage (that wont die at any point of a fight). Do not use this as a primary spec, especially if you are doing 10m raids.