How do you measure taille?

Wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Hold the end of the tape measure at your navel and circle it around your back to the front of your waist. The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor and fit snugly around your torso without digging into your skin.

What size chart does Turkey use?

Turkish Women’s Suits and Dresses Size Chart

USA/American UK/British Euro/Turkey
6 8 36 / Small
8 10 38 / Small
10 12 40 / Med
12 14 42 / Med

What size is Kenzo?

Size Chart

S 38 6
M 40 8
L 42 10
XL 44 12

Are Kenzo shirts true to size?

Fits true to size, we recommend selecting your usual size.

How do you measure a man’s waist?

How to measure your waist

  1. Find the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips.
  2. Place a tape measure around your middle at a point halfway between them (just above the belly button).
  3. Make sure it’s pulled tight, but isn’t digging into your skin.
  4. Breathe out naturally and take your measurement.

What waist size is a 16?

Step 2: Find Your Size

12 34 42.5
14 36 44.5
16 38 46.5
18 40 48.5

What size is a Kenzo large?


S 38 48
M 40 50
L 42 52
XL 44 54

Does Kenzo run small?

Really great mules, create a perfect look. However, these run smaller than expected.

What size is a KENZO large?

How do KENZO shirts fit?

KENZO t-shirts run true to your regular t-shirt size. Keep in mind when selecting your size that this brand runs true to French standards, so if you are in-between sizes choose the size up. Be sure to check in the shirt description and see if your shirt is a classic fit or skate fit.