How do you make a YouTube video trailer play automatically?

Log in to your YouTube channel. Click “Edit” Below the banner that reads “Featured Feed Videos.” This drops down a drop-down list. At the bottom of the drop-down list, check the box that states “Automatically start playing the video once the channel loads.”

How do I turn off autoplay on my YouTube channel?

To turn off autoplay in the YouTube mobile app, tap on your profile image (or your avatar) in the top right corner of the screen. Then hit “Settings,” and finally, on the next menu, scroll down and tap the slider beside the words “Autoplay next video.”

Does YouTube allow autoplay?

The Autoplay feature on YouTube makes it easier to decide what to watch next. When Autoplay is on, another related video will automatically play after a video ends. Keep in mind: For users aged 13-17 on YouTube, Autoplay is turned off by default.

How do I make my YouTube channel autoplay 2020?

How to turn on autoplay on YouTube on desktop

  1. Go to and log into your account, if necessary.
  2. Play a video by clicking on it.
  3. In the video player, click the “Settings” button — it’s the gear icon in the bottom toolbar of the player.
  4. Toggle the “Autoplay” switch back on in the Settings pop-up menu.

What happened to autoplay on YouTube?

What happened to the Autoplay button on YouTube? Previously, you can find the autoplay button from two places: one is from Settings in the YouTube controls bar, the other one is on the top of the video list next to the right of the YouTube video player. But Google has changed the location of the autoplay button.

How do I stop YouTube preview?

To find the option, open Settings and tap “General.” Look for the “Muted playback” option and disable it. Just tap your profile picture at top-right, then tap Settings > Autoplay. Turn off the “Autoplay on Home” toggle, as shown above, and you’re done.

Where is YouTube’s Autoplay button?

Where is the Autoplay button on the YouTube app? Under the YouTube video player, there is a video list. On the top of the list, it is the Autoplay button. You can turn it on or off as per your requirement.