How do you find a grid reference on an OS map?

Grid references

  1. Start at the left-hand side of the map and go east until you get to the bottom-left-hand corner of the square you want. Write this number down.
  2. Move north until you get to the bottom-left corner of the square you want.

Can I search a grid reference on Google Maps?

To search for a place, enter the latitude and longitude GPS coordinates on Google Maps. You can also find the coordinates of the places you previously found. Besides longitude and latitude, you can use plus codes to share a place without an address.

What does a Grid Reference look like?

A series of faint blue lines on every map makes up a numbered grid that is used to create the National Grid reference. This is a simple way of finding points and places on a map, to give to others as a meeting location or to quote if you get into trouble and need to specify exactly where you are.

What is a grid reference?

Learn how to read and write four-digit and six-digit grid references with this comprehensive guide! Giving a grid reference is a method of describing a location using intersecting vertical and horizontal grid lines, indicated by numbers and/or letters.

How to find a grid reference on a map?

Instructions: Simply right click on the map to find a grid reference at that point. Enter a location search below to zoom to the approximate location. Post Code.

Where can I find the grid reference for the Ordnance Survey?

Ordnance Survey – Grid Reference Finder Use this tool to find an Ordnance Survey Reference by clicking on the map or searching for a location using the search box. Click on the Map for the Ordnance Survey Grid Reference

Where is the grid reference in Bembridge OS Explorer?

For example, on the Bembridge OS Explorer map I am at grid reference SZ 644 874, at the crossroads. Put your new skills into practice and get out your OS map to have a go at finding a few grid references. Let us know how you’ve got on in the comments below.

Where are the grid letters on an OS Landranger?

On an OS Landranger map you can find the two main grid letters (in this case TL) on the legend or the corner squares of the map. The grid is further divided into 1 kilometre intervals, as shown in diagram C. How do grid references help me find places? It is easy to find a particular place using a grid reference.