How do you extend Carlson pet gate?

Extensions come in a variety of sizes and colors to expand your gate to fit wider openings. Once you have carefully chosen an extension, installation is a breeze. Simply slide the extension onto the gate, insert the spindles and twist the tension knobs until the gate is securely pressure mounted to the wall.

Who makes Frisco pet products?
Frisco™ pet branding and packaging design was developed exclusively for, a leader in online pet products. Miller was tasked with creating a brand name, brand positioning and branding and packaging design across a wide range of products in the pet care category.

Who Makes Top Paw products?

This is a brand page for the TOP PAW trademark by PETSMART HOME OFFICE, INC. in PHOENIX, AZ, 85027.

Can you close a door with a baby gate?

The double-locking system on this baby gate means you can open and close it with just one hand–an added bonus for all the multitasking mamas out there.

How tall is Carlson extra wide pet door?

EXTRA WIDE: Expands to stairways and openings between 29-36.5 inches wide. Stands 30 inches tall. Pressure mount design that is quick to set up. No tools required and is gentle on walls. SMALL PET DOOR: Patented small pet door is 8 x 8 inches. Let’s small pets pass through, while keeping everyone else out. Includes locking feature.

Is the Carlson extra wide walk through pet gate safe?

Over the years, pet owners have come to know and depend on Carlson products in their home and on the go. An essential tool for homes with pets, the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate is a convenient, chew-proof way to contain and protect both your pet and home.

How big can a cat get through a pet door?

The only thing about the pet door is that if the gate is not level, the pet door will swing freely. We have two cats, one is about 8 pounds and the other about 20 pounds (he is on a diet now.) The 20 pound cat can fit through this door very easily, the opening is perfect. The extensions for this gate are pretty nice.

What kind of products does Carlson pet products make?

Carlson Pet Products is a maker of safety products such as gates, crates, pet pens, and pet cots. We strive to produce the highest quality and most innovative product lines. Over the years, pet owners have come to know and depend on Carlson products in their home and on the go.