How do you evolve Gliscor in Pokemon White 2?

Level up Gligar while it’s dark to evolve into Gliscor. It doesn’t matter what level Gligar is, it just needs to level up at night while holding the Razor Fang. It will attempt to evolve as soon as it levels up. You can level up by fighting a wild Pokémon or a trainer, or by using a Rare Candy.

How do you get a razor Fang In Pokemon White 2?

1 Answer

  1. Route 11 (top of Waterfall)
  2. Battle Subway for 48 BP.
  3. PWT for 8 BP.

Where do you find a razor Fang in Pokemon White?

You can find a Razor Fang at the Abundant Shrine. JOHNNYBOLT answered: You can find it at the Abundant Shrine.

How do you get a razor Fang?

You can find it at Route 214 and at the Battle Frontier.

Can Gligar learn fly?

Gligar is able to learn not only Ground and Flying moves, but it is also able to learn quite a few Poison moves, as well. Despite having wings, it cannot learn Fly. Gligar can have two abilities as of Generation IV: Hyper Cutter or Sand Veil.

Is Gliscor a good Pokemon?

With a good move-pool, good stats and a good typing, Gliscor easily asserts itself as one of the top choices for competitive battling.

Can Garchomp learn Fly?

Pokédex entries Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon. When it folds up its body and spreads its wings, it can fly like a jet plane at the speed of sound.

How do you evolve Gligar into gliscor in Emerald Media?

Set the timer to night time. Watch as your Gligar evolves into Gliscor once you finish your rest period. Once you have acquired the Razor Fang, give the item to your Gligar, which must be holding the item to evolve. Next, wait until nightfall, since Gligar can only evolve at night time.

When do you evolve Gligar in Pokemon Black?

Gligar can only evolve when it levels up during the night in your game. The Pokémon games use your system clock to determine the in-game time, and the transition to night occurs at different times for different games. Changing your system’s time in later games will prevent you from being able to evolve Gligar at night for 24 hours.

When do you give Gligar the Razor Fang?

Give the Razor Fang to your Gligar to hold. Your Gligar must be holding this item in order to evolve. The Razor Fang can cause your opponent to Flinch during battle, which makes it a fairly useful item regardless. Wait until nightfall in your game. Gligar can only evolve when it levels up during the night in your game.

Do you have to transfer Gligar to Generation IV?

If you’re playing Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen, you’ll need to transfer Gligar to a Generation IV game in order to evolve it. You can transfer from Generation III to Generation IV, but you can’t transfer from Generation I or II to Generation III.