How do you congratulate someone on hard work?

Sincere congratulations on your hard-earned success. You are proof that good things come to those who are willing to sacrifice to reach a worthwhile goal. Words can’t express how proud I am! You have the creativity and determination to do whatever you can dream.

How do you appreciate team members for good work?

60 Heartfelt Employee Appreciation Quotes to Say “Thank You”

  1. I am constantly impressed by your performance.
  2. Thank you for using your remarkable talents and skills to fuel our mutual efforts.
  3. I’m amazed by how you maintain your performance while taking on even more work.

What can I write in congratulations card?

What to Write in a Congratulations Card. Say congratulations with a thoughtful message that shows how proud you are. Whether you’re congratulating a friend on a new job or a loved one on their new baby, share words that reflect your sentiment. A congratulations message can be short and sweet or long and heartfelt.

What to say for Congratulations?

Say congratulations! Begin your card by congratulating the recipient on their hard work and achievement. Write how proud you are and what you’re proud of. Let the recipient know why you’re proud of them and acknowledge their exact accomplishment.

How do you congratulate someone?

Congratulating Someone in Person Bring up the accomplishment. Don’t skirt around the issue when there’s something to celebrate! Say “congratulations” with a smile. After stating the achievement, express your congratulations with a winning smile. Mention your feelings on the subject.

Is congrats a word?

Compliments “You’ve worked so hard for this. Congrats!” “This is awesome! You’re awesome! Way to go!” “Congratulations to my favorite new home owner! With your touch, it’s going to look amazing!” “Bet you thought no one would notice you’ve hit your goal 30 days in a row. Well, I did, and I’m impressed. Here’s to your streak! Keep it up!”