How do I turn on subtitles in Mass Effect?

Go in-game then in Options -> Narrative and you will find an option for turning on Subtitles.

Is the Citadel destroyed in me3?

Although it’s worth noting that if you choose the control ending (blue cupcake) then the citadel isn’t destroyed. Nope.

Is the Citadel destroyed Mass Effect?

If Shepard chooses to merge synthetic and organic life, the Citadel and mass relays are severely damaged, but rebuilt with the help of the Reapers. If Shepard chooses to control the Reapers, the Citadel remains intact but the relays are damaged.

When should I play The Citadel DLC?

The last DLC in Mass Effect 3 that players need to initiate is the Citadel DLC. This DLC is a lot of light-hearted fun, and is a great send-off to play through before the game’s final mission. Players should start Citadel right after they complete the Sanctuary mission.

What happened to the Citadel me3?

The people on the Citadel, unless otherwise stated, are dead. And since you didn’t have the decency to order an evacuation before deciding the fate of the galaxy, any survivors on the Citadel perished when the station was destroyed.

Was everyone on the Citadel killed?

Is The Citadel a mass relay?

Commander Shepard also discovers that the Citadel itself is an enormous, inactive mass relay leading directly to dark space, as well as the control center for all mass relays, enabling the Reapers to sever travel between clusters the moment they re-enter the galaxy.

What happens to the citadel fleet in Mass Effect 3?

In Mass Effect: Ascension it is stated that the greater part of the Citadel Fleet is destroyed in the attack on the Citadel, leaving the Alliance Navy as the dominant military power in Citadel space (pg 4). In Mass Effect 3, however, the turians are stated to still have the most powerful military in the galaxy.

What is the mass station in Mass Effect?

The station is actually an inactive mass relay leading to dark space, designed as an elaborate trap so the Reapers can wipe out the heart of galactic civilization and leadership in a single, devastating strike. According to Vigil, the last Protheans used the Conduit and traveled to the Citadel to try and break this cycle.

When is the optimal time to complete Citadel DLC?

You can do them separate, and since you generally want to have everyone at the party, you’d have to wait until after Horizon to do it since that’s where Miranda’s interaction takes place. However, you could do the story-related part of the mission at any point after the Cerberus coup, since that doesn’t concern the party.

What does the Crucible do in Mass Effect?

At the height of the Reaper invasion in 2186, the races of the galaxy unite to construct the Crucible, a superweapon of ancient design with the power to destroy the Reapers once and for all. The final and most important component of the Crucible is the Catalyst, which is revealed to be part of the Citadel.