How do I track blog posts in Google Analytics?

Important: It can take up to 24 hours for your data to show up in Analytics.

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. In the top left, select the blog you want to analyze.
  3. From the menu on the left, click Settings.
  4. Under “Basic,” click Google Analytics Property ID.
  5. Enter your Analytics tracking ID.
  6. Click Save.

How do you track blog traffic?

Most of the blogging platforms have built-in analytics (e.g., HubSpot) or a Google Analytics plug-in (e.g., WordPress) to track blog traffic and site visitors. Irrespective of the blogging platform you ‘re using, we recommend that you check Google Analytics blog traffic using the Google Analytics website.

How do you measure blog post performance?

Check these five ways to measure the success of any blog post:

  1. Total visits. The total number of visits to a blog post is a simple metric that gives a company a lot of information about their efforts.
  2. New subscribers.
  3. Average length of stay.
  4. Social shares.
  5. Page views per visit.

How do I find my blog insights?

View Page Insights on the Front-End of Your Site Then visit any page or post on your website and simply click the Insights option in the admin bar. This will open up the stats for your post or page. You can view how many pages views it got, the time on page people spend, its bounce rate, entrances, and exits.

Can I use Google Analytics for my blog?

Most blogging platforms have built-in analytics (e.g. HubSpot) or a Google Analytics plug-in (e.g. WordPress) to track blog traffic and site visitors. Regardless of the blogging platform you’re using, we recommend that you check blog traffic with Google Analytics using the Google Analytics website.

Where can I share my blog posts?

Medium. Medium is an online publishing platform where you can post your blogs.

  • Pocket. Pocket is a social bookmarking site where users can save blogs, videos, or stories from any publication or webpage.
  • Quuu Promote.
  • Pinterest.
  • YouTube.
  • Instagram.
  • 7. Facebook Groups.
  • Flipboard.
  • How can I see my blog viewers?

    (a) on Blogger and WordPress, they have stats menu on the blog dashboard. Click on it and then its sub-menus. You will know about the number of visitors to each post, where from they came, which device they used, etc.

    How do I know if my blog is successful?

    7 Metrics That Will Tell You If Your Blog Is Successful

    1. Page Views and Page Per View. The page view refers to the number of times visitors looked at your blog pages.
    2. Visits and Returning Visitors.
    3. Number of Shares on Social Media.
    4. Bounce Rate.
    5. Referrals.
    6. Keywords.
    7. Reader Comments.

    How do I find my blog on Google?

    List your blog on search engines. Use keywords throughout your site to help it show up higher in search results….Help people find your blog on search engines

    1. Sign in to Blogger.
    2. In the top left, choose a blog to list.
    3. From the menu on the left, click Settings.
    4. Under “Privacy,” turn on Visible to search engines.

    What is blog traffic?

    The Only 2 Types of Blog Traffic However, organic traffic can also include referral traffic (when someone clicks on a link to your blog from another website), or direct traffic (when someone types your URL directly into their browser or clicks on a link in an email).

    How do I promote my blog?

    How to Promote Your Blog

    1. Repurpose your content.
    2. Build links to your site.
    3. Create a UTM link to track marketing campaigns.
    4. Share your blog on social media.
    5. Answer questions on Quora.
    6. Post on subreddits.
    7. Flip posts to Flipboard.
    8. Reach out to influencers.

    How can I track my Blog in Google Analytics?

    The short answer is – A LOT. You can track Real data (see who’s on your site – LIVE) Number of visits per hour/day/month Demographics Countries Referrals, resources And much more… You can even compare their time spent on your blog and pages.

    What does Google Analytics mean for blog traffic?

    Taking a look at your blog analytics shows whether people are reading your posts, which posts are the most popular, and gives useful insights into who these readers are and where on your website they’re most likely to click. This means that instead of flying blind, you can adeptly tweak your blogging strategy to get the traffic you want.

    What does average time on page mean on Google Analytics?

    In the same report where you looked at page views, you’ll find the average time on page (also known as dwell time) for each of your blog posts: the amount of time, on average, that visitors spend reading your blog post. Average time on page tells you whether or not people are actually readingyour blog posts.

    Which is the best site to track blog visitors?

    Every successful blogger is constantly keeping an eye on their visitors, but I’ll be honest, there are tons of different plugins, trackers and web applications that all say that they can track your blog visitors/stats. However, the most accurate one is without a doubt – Google Analytics.