How do I set up a BT conference call?

Setting up 3 Way Calling is simple:

  1. Dial the first number then press the recall button on your telephone keypad.
  2. Dial the second number.
  3. Wait for the dialling tone, then press 3.
  4. To talk to each caller separately, press 2 instead of 3 when the second call is answered.

Is BT conference call free?

It is designed for use by conference organisers who have Participants from different countries dialling into the same conference. Dialling in can be at normal standard rates or toll-free.

What is BT MeetMe conferencing?

Overview. BT MeetMe is a meeting service that requires either a telephone or PC/laptop to join more productive meetings with people anywhere in the world. You don’t need to book, and meetings can start in the time it takes to call in. It’s easy to use and available 24/7.

How do I get BT MeetMe?

Download the web plug-in Joining via Chrome requires an additional Chrome extension. You can install the extension here. BT recommends using Google Chrome with the MeetMe with Dolby Voice web app for a consistent experience and most stable connection.

Is 3 way calling free?

3-Way Calling lets you talk with 2 people at the same time using your mobile phone. If you have a plan with unlimited minutes: There’s no additional charges to use 3-Way Calling. If you don’t have unlimited minutes: Airtime and other charges will apply for both calls until you end one call.

Is BT meet me a video call?

Video Conferencing BT MeetMe Video lets you hold meetings, interviews, training sessions and more, anytime and anywhere. And you don’t need any special kit: join with a smartphone.

How do I use the BT Meet Me App?

You need to have signed in and have a valid BT MeetMe account to use this.

  1. On the home page, tap My Meetings.
  2. Select which application will send the invitation.
  3. The app will insert your participant meeting information. And you can send.

Is BT MeetMe a video call?

Video Conferencing Have face-to-face meetings from different locations. BT MeetMe Video lets you hold meetings, interviews, training sessions and more, anytime and anywhere. And you don’t need any special kit: join with a smartphone.

Does BT MeetMe work abroad?

Simple – use BT MeetMe audio conferencing. If you have customers or colleagues abroad, you can use the BT MeetMe Global Access service. This enables participants from the UK and over 55 other countries to join a conference call with a local dial-in number, saving them the cost of an international call.

Is BT MeetMe video or audio?

BT MeetMe is an easy-to-use audio conferencing service that allows you to meet spontaneously and instantly with participants from around the globe. There is no need to book your call in advance; simply use your office or mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

Is BT MeetMe an app?

Mobile App BT Meet Me with Dolby Voice can be accessed via Wi-Fi or 4G using iOS and Android devices. This enables customers to use the service from any location without compromising the sound quality.

Which is the best conference call service for BT Business?

Let participants dial in regardless of their location and choose toll-free or local numbers and connect to the meeting. BT MeetMe is ideal for everyday calls among your team and staying close to your clients.

Do you need video conferencing for BT MeetMe?

Video conferencing. Face-to-face meetings without the need for a physical meeting. BT MeetMe Video gives you get a set of video conferencing meeting passcodes so you can get on a video meeting straightaway, without having to book anything. You don’t need any special kit: you can join in just using a smartphone.

How can I Cancel my BT legal hearing?

Instead, please contact your court clerk about a telephone hearing using our self-managed service, BT MeetMe. You can read HMCTS new policy here and instructions on how to join. Please use My Meeting Manager to cancel or amend your existing BT Legal Hearings. No new bookings can be taken.

How many countries can I meet in BT MeetMe?

Invite participants from over 70 different countries allowing them to dial in through local or toll-free numbers. You can also instantly record your meeting using your phone keypad. Learn how to join and host a BT MeetMe meeting.