How do I prove my bona fide marriage to Uscis?

Documents Used to Prove a Bona Fide Marriage

  1. Deed to property showing both names.
  2. Mortgage or loan documents showing both names.
  3. Lease agreement showing both names.
  4. Driver’s licenses or IDs showing the same address.
  5. Bank statements showing the same address.
  6. Voided or cancelled checks showing the same address.

How do I prove my marriage is good faith Uscis?

Documents to Prove Good Faith Marriage

  • Engagement & Wedding. There are opportunities to document your relationship as early as the engagement.
  • Child(ren) Born to the Marriage.
  • Joint Ownership/Occupancy of a Home or Other Real Estate.
  • Financial records.
  • Insurance.
  • Travel Records.
  • Affidavits from Friends.
  • Photographs.

How do you prove you are still married?

How to Prove Your Marriage Is Real

  1. A copy of your marriage license;
  2. Joint ownership of property;
  3. A lease with both spouses’ names on it;
  4. Joint bank account statements;
  5. Birth certificates of your children;
  6. Sworn statements from other people who can confirm that you two have been living as a married couple;

How do I prove my relationship to immigration?

USCIS wants proof that you and your spouse have a real relationship — that you communicate and engage in activities together. Examples of such proof include: Copies of: Travel itineraries for vacations you took together, especially to the home country of the spouse seeking a green card.

Does USCIS check marriage records?

In most cases, a marriage certificate is prima facie evidence that the marriage was properly and legally performed. USCIS does not recognize the following relationships as marriages, even if valid in the place of celebration: Relationships entered into for purposes of evading immigration laws of the United States.

What counts as proof of relationship?

The best proof of relationship is a certified copy of the civil or religious birth record of the person filing for benefits showing the parents’ names. When the relationship involves a legally adopted child or the parent of a legally adopted child, the best proof is a certified copy of the decree or order of adoption.

What documents can be used for proof of relationship?

Proofs of Relationship Documents Required for Aadhaar Enrollment

  • PDS card.
  • Job card of MNREGA.
  • Passport.
  • CGHS/State Government/ECHS/ESIC medical card.
  • Birth certificate issued by Registrar of Birth or municipal corporation or local government.
  • Canteen card of the army.
  • Pension card.