How do I program my universal remote to my LG DVD player?

Direct Code Programming Instructions

  1. Enter Setup Mode. Press and hold down the SETUP button on the remote until the red light on the remote turns on.
  2. Press the device type button.
  3. Enter the device code.
  4. Tests the results.
  5. Repeat this process for your other devices.

Can you use a universal remote on a DVD player?

Can a universal remote control be programmed to operate a Blu-ray Disc player? The DVD button on recently-manufactured Sony® universal remote controls can be programmed to control Blu-ray Disc® players. It may be possible to use this same button on non-Sony remote controls as well.

How do you tune in a universal remote to a DVD player?

Press and hold the button on the universal remote that matches the device you’re pairing (e.g. if it’s a DVD player, press the DVD button). The light on the remote will blink once and then stay steady.

Can you use LG DVD player without remote?

If you do have an LG DVD player without a remote or a play button on the player itself, or a similar model from another manufacturer, you may not be able to play movies. One option is to use a universal remote control, which is a remote control designed to work with a wide range of devices.

How do you program a universal remote to a DVD player without a code?

Common method #4: Press and hold the power button and device key simultaneously until the LED blinks or remains lit, then release and repeatedly press the power button until the device turns on or off, then press the device key (sometimes the stop button) to save the setting.

How do I connect my DVD remote to my TV?

How to program a universal remote to a DVD player, Blu Ray player, or TV:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. On the remote control, press the corresponding device button – “TV”, “DVD” or “AUX.”
  3. Press and hold the “RCU SETUP” button until the device key blinks twice.
  4. Press “9” “9” “0” using the number pad on the remote.

How do you program a universal remote to a DVD without the code?

How do you program a LG universal remote?

Here are the steps on how to program LG universal remote into your device: Turn on manually the power button of the device you wish the remote to control. Using the remote, scroll through the mode button and select the device you wish the remote to program. Stop scrolling through as soon as the correct device appears on the TV screen.

What are the universal remote codes for a LG TV?

RCA universal remote codes for LG tv: LG TV codes: 1002, 1004, 1005, 1014, 1025, 1078, 1081, 1095, 1096, 1097, 1098, 1099, 1100, 1101, 1111, 1128, 1130, 1132, 1134, 1144, 1149, 1171, 1205.

What is a LCD universal remote?

A liquid crystal display (LCD) universal remote is a remote control that can control many different home entertainment system components, including televisions, digital receivers and digital video disc (DVD) players. An LCD universal remote has a liquid crystal display screen that can be navigated using buttons or touch screen technology.