How do I know what iPod mini I have?

iPod mini is distinguished from other models by:

  1. Its smaller size.
  2. Its colors.
  3. The Hold switch, which is on the top-left side.
  4. The Click Wheel’s button labels, which are on the wheel itself.

Does Apple still make an iPod mini?

Only a year later Apple released the second generation model which included an 8GB storage variant and dropped the gold color option. Merely a year after that, iPod mini was discontinued completely and replaced with the iPod nano.

Why was iPod mini discontinued?

The iPod Mini was discontinued on September 7, 2005 after 1 year of being made, and was replaced by the iPod Nano. The iPod Mini used the touch-sensitive scroll wheel of the third generation iPod….iPod Mini.

iPod Mini in Silver
Manufacturer Apple Inc.
Successor iPod Nano

How can I tell how old my iPod is?

Look up your iPod by model number.

  1. Find your iPod’s model number (the five-character code next to “Model” on the back of your iPod).
  2. Press Ctrl + F (Windows) or ⌘ Command + F (Mac) to open the “Find” window on the Apple website.
  3. Type in your iPod’s model number.
  4. Find the generation heading above the number.

How big is a 2nd generation iPod Mini?

58 product ratings – Apple iPod Mini PC+MAC (4GB). M9802LL/A Blue 2nd Gen Discontinued APPLE A1051 IPOD MINI 1ST GENERATION SILVER 4GB TESTED! Apple iPod mini PC+MAC (4GB). Light technology. Apple engineers squeezed all the best features of iPod into a case weighing just 112g and smaller than any cell phone.

What’s the value of an old Apple iPod?

The Guardian recently scoured eBay for Apple collectibles, and found listings including: a factory-sealed third-generation iPod Shuffle for $1,000; a silver first-gen iPod mini for $2,500; a first-gen iPod for $10,000; and a never-opened second-gen iPod for $20,000.

Is there a price for an Apple iPod Mini?

There is no guarantee that items will always be listed at a price within the provided range. The days of carrying individual music media such as CD’s and Cassettes are over. With electronic music playing devices like the Apple iPod Mini, you can listen to more and carry less.

What’s the best way to use an iPod Mini?

Devices: The best way to experience and iPod is with a good pair of headphones or earbuds. So many products accommodate Apple products, especially the iPod. From wireless speakers to car audio, the iPod mini has a lot of choices to experience the best. iTunes: Find your favorite song on iTunes and simply download.