How do I join the DMAT team?

If you are interested in joining NDMS, visit and search the keyword “NDMS”. You can save your search on USAJOBS and request to receive updates on a daily or weekly basis. Once you see an opportunity that is right for you, apply to join. Positions typically stay open for about two weeks.

What does a disaster medical assistance team do?

NDMS Disaster Medical Assistance Teams provide high-quality rapid-response medical care when public health and medical emergencies overwhelm state, local, tribal, or territorial resources.

What makes up a DMAT team?

A typical DMAT will consist of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, paramedics, pharmacists, information technology experts, and others. This diverse team of professionals ensures the DMAT can provide a variety of medical services.

Is DMAT a military?

Federally-activated DMAT members are protected from tort liability while in operation and are also protected by the provisions of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) which affords the same protections extended to deployed National Guard and active-duty military in that their full-time …

Do DMAT teams get paid?

Yes only while on a federal deployment (authorized under a travel authorization) and/or for non-deployment work authorized by the team Commander within federal budget guidelines. DMAT personnel, following a formal federal employment process, become “intermittent” federal employees.

What defines emergency care?

‘Emergency Care’ means inpatient and outpatient hospital services necessary to prevent the death or serious impairment of the health of the recipient.

What is a disaster medical specialist?

Disaster medical specialists are doctors who treat life-threatening emergencies. They often assist government agencies responding to natural disasters and other emergencies with mass casualties. When preparing for mass casualties, disaster medical specialists design plans for these 3 phrases: Pre-disaster preparation.

How do you treat an emergency patient?

Reassure the victim until recovery or medical team arrives. Do not ever delay providing first aid to the victims during medical emergencies. Identify the warning symptoms and provide appropriate and prompt help to save their lives. You can always request for help from others while assisting the victim.