How do I get a replacement access wireless phone?

If you are provided with an Access Wireless phone and experience an equipment malfunction, please call us at 1-866-594-3644 and we will discuss your options for a replacement phone. All Access Wireless phones include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I put my access wireless SIM card in another phone?

Check if your phone is compatible! You can use any unlocked, GSM LTE 4G/5G compatible device with an Access Wireless SIM card on your existing Access Wireless account. Enter the IMEI to check compatibility with our network. Or if you are applying for new service, you can use this phone.

Do you get a free phone with access wireless?

Free phone is provided by Access Wireless in accordance with its Handset Policy. Phone model may vary based on inventory availability and is at the discretion of i-wireless LLC.

How much data does access wireless give you?

California Plans Get a free smart phone, unlimited texts, free unlimited talk, and 5GB high-speed data. It’s a considerably better deal than customers can get in other states. Note: California residents should view our California Lifeline page to compare all the generous offers from all the companies.

What happens if I lose my lifeline phone?

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you are responsible for any charges incurred until you notify Customer Care of the loss by calling 1-866-594-3644. Once we have been notified, your account will be suspended from further use.

Who Runs access Wireless?

Sprint said it will merge its Assurance Wireless brand with Access Wireless in a tie-up of Lifeline service providers. Sprint will own 70 percent of the new business, which will operate under the name i-wireless, Access’s brand for Lifetime users.

Can I use a different phone with Assurance Wireless?

No. Assurance Wireless can provide the MSL code to eligible customers to provide to their intended carrier. Whether another carrier is able to or will reprogram a device is subject to that carrier’s policies and practices.

What kind of phone is ans?

Sprint UL40 (ANS) 4G LTE Silver Quad Core WiFi Camera Android Smartphone (Refurbished) –

Is access Wireless a good company?

Access Wireless has a consumer rating of 2.67 stars from 4 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Access Wireless ranks 41st among Mobile Carriers sites.

How to upgrade to a new cell phone?

Get your upgrade. 1 Go to Upgrade your device and select the device you want to upgrade. 2 Choose your new phone. 3 Follow the prompts to check out. Your total due will include any remaining balance on your old phone, if applicable. See More….

Who is access wireless and what does it do?

What Is Access Wireless? Access Wireless is a free cell phone and government smartphone program run by i-wireless LLC. Part of the Lifeline Assistance (otherwise called the Universal Service Fund) program, Access Wireless set out to provide free wireless communication devices and services to eligible low-income households.

How much does it cost to upgrade an at & T phone?

We may add a new device to your wireless service, we add a one-time upgrade fee of up to $45 per device to your next bill. Did you get the help you needed? Great!

What to do if you lose your access wireless phone?

If the provided cell phone malfunctions, then you may contact Access Wireless’ customer support to apply for a replacement phone. If you lose your phone or if it is stolen, things are a little more difficult. Until you notify the customer care of Access Wireless, you are responsible for any charges incurred after losing your device.