How do I get a copy of my proximity card?

How to copy 125khz cards with an RFID copier—it’s as easy as printing an email!

  1. Turn on the device and hold a compatible EM4100 card or fob to the side facing the hand grip and click on the “Read” button.
  2. The device will then beep if it succeeds, now replace the copied tag with an empty tag and press “Write”

What are proximity cards?

A proximity card is a contactless card which can be read without insertion into a card reading device. Prox cards look the same as the typical 30 mil PVC card but they have an embedded metallic antenna coil inside which hold the encoded data.

How do proximity cards work?

The proximity card readers use an electromagnetic field to detect nearby cards and transmit data through the reader to the access control panel. If the card is authorized, the control panel sends a signal back to the reader to trigger a door unlock.

Can all RFID cards be copied?

They can not be copied or duplicated.

What is a proximity card used for?

Prox cards are held or swiped at a card reader to gain access into a building or within certain designated areas of a building. Proximity cards or access badges are plastic PVC cards that allow a cardholder to gain entry into a building or a specific area within the confines of a building.

What are proximity cards used for?

How do I know what proximity card I have?

First, look at the information on the front or back of the prox card. There are many manufacturers of prox cards but each card may contain physical markings printed on the card actual card….These markings may help you determine:

  1. The manufacturer.
  2. The card format.
  3. The site and facility code.
  4. The card ID range number.

Can I use my phone as a fob?

By using UWB technology, the Android user will be able to lock and unlock their vehicle without taking their phone out. Consumers who own car models that have enabled NFC technology, or near-field communication, will be able unlock their car by tapping their phone against the door.

What kind of terminal blocks does Schlegel make?

The Schlegel line of terminal blocks offers a wide range of standard terminals of all common rated cross-sections: screw-type terminal blocks, with cage-clamp connection or IDC fast connection technology.

Who is Schlegel and what do they do?

Schlegel is your competent partner for efficient and individual products. Over 70 years of experience and know-how from numerous successfully accomplished projects guarantee you complete solutions – from a very special contact configuration to a complete in-house plug-and-play product. Innovation. Quality. Design.

What can a Schlegel RFID switch be used for?

Compared to a standard key switch, the RFID solution of SCHLEGEL allows implementing any number of switching positions and also supplementing or replacing conventional key switches being used to control machines.

What kind of technology does Schlegel Electronic Materials use?

Schlegel Electronic Materials has always been on the forefront of fabric over foam technology. Today fabric over foam continues to be at the core of our product line.