How do I fix my Canon printer alarm?

alarm light and jam message remain on

  1. Turn off the printer .
  2. Press the Stop button for 2 second and hold it.
  3. Press the On button, hold it and release the Stop button.
  4. Press Stop button 5 times then release together, with the On button.
  5. LCD display will blank and now resetting.

Why is the amber light flashing on my Canon printer?

Meaning: the printer is out of paper / No paper. Solution: Reload paper in the rear tray and press the Resume / Cancel button. Meaning: the paper exit tray is closed / Paper jam. Remove the jammed paper, replace the paper correctly in the printer, and then press the Resume / Cancel button.

What does the alarm mean on a Canon printer?

If an error has occurred in the printer and the printer requires attention, the (Alarm) indicator (orange) blinks and the following error message appears in the Printer Status Window. If an error message appears, follow the directions displayed in the Printer Status Window.

How to resolve Pixma mp280 resolve error code?

Open the Scan Unit (Cover) and install the appropriate cartridge. Push the cartridge locking cover until it clicks into place, then close the Scan Unit Cover. Ink cartridge is not installed in the correct position. Make sure that each cartridge is installed in the correct position. Ink absorber is almost full.

What to do if the printer alarm light stays on?

If the alarm light lights and stays lit after you you turn on your printer, and doesn’t respond to any commands on the printer panel, try the following: Check to make sure there are no paper jams or other obstructions. Unplug the printer for approximately two minutes, then plug it back in.

Where do I put my canon alarm lamp?

Press the RESUME/CANCEL button to dismiss the error, then load one sheet of A4/Letter-sized Canon Matte Photo Paper MP-101 with the printing side (whiter side) facing UP in the rear tray. For Automatic Print Head Alignment, always load paper in the rear tray. The paper output slot is exposed to strong light.