How do I dispute a transaction on BBT?

How do I report or dispute a charge I don’t recognize? Immediately contact your local BB branch or call 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228). Report suspicious email that uses the BB brand by forwarding the email to [email protected].

How long does a dispute take with BB?

Mail credit disputes to: Please mail us your dispute and we will begin reviewing it as soon as it is received. Because we want to fully investigate your concern, it may take up to 30 days to respond from the date we receive your dispute.

Can you cancel a pending transaction BB?

Yes, you can edit or cancel a scheduled payment any time on or before the send date if the payment status is pending. To stop a payment, select the payment you would like to stop, and select Stop Payment. If you need further assistance stopping a payment, please contact U Support at 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654).

How do I change my address on my BBT account?

To update your home phone number or mailing address, please send a secure message or contact Online Banking Support at 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654) for assistance.

What happens when you dispute a transaction with BB?

– You will receive provisional credit to your account within 5 business days of making a claim for fraudulent activity. 24-hour help – Dispute a transaction, immediately block a lost or stolen card and order a new one through mobile banking, online banking or by calling 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228)

Is BBT a good bank?

BB Bank is a full-service regional bank well suited for customers who live near one of its branches. It has most of the account types that a customer would want, but its interest rates are not competitive with other banks.

What does full reversal mean?

A payment reversal is when the funds a cardholder used in a transaction are returned to the cardholder’s bank. This can be initiated by the cardholder, the merchant, the issuing bank, the acquiring bank, or the card association. Common reasons why payment reversals occur: The item ended up being sold out.

How can I cancel a transaction online?

How to Stop an Online Payment

  1. Stop it fast. It is easier to stop an online payment within the first 24 hours of the transaction.
  2. Call the company. Immediately call the company and let them know the payment was made in error.
  3. Send an email.
  4. Call the bank.

How long do Pending transactions take BBT?

An electronic bill payment will appear as a pending transaction, because the funds for an electronic bill payment are held to ensure delivery to the recipient. Funds are delivered within 2 business days to recipients who accept electronic payments.

What happens if someone tries to log in to your BB & T account?

If someone tries and fails to log in to the BB system three times in a row, the system will lock them out. When you apply online for BB products, we’ll ask you for some personal information. To keep your information private, it’s sent to BB in a secure session, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

How does BB & t keep your information private?

To keep your information private, it’s sent to BB in a secure session, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is a security protocol for transmitting information online. Many web browsers support SSL, and many websites use it to securely obtain confidential user information, such as credit card numbers.

What to do if you get a suspicious email from BBT bank?

If you receive a suspicious email or see something out of the ordinary on our website, please call us immediately at 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228). Just a friendly reminder: BB never uses email or text messages to ask for your confidential information.

Where to mail overnight payoffs to BB & T Bank?

PO Box 2306 Wilson, NC 27894 Mail overnight payoffs to: