How do I contact Delaware unemployment?

  1. Filing from Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits by Telephone.
  2. Information Hotline.
  3. (800) 794-3032.
  4. The Delaware Unemployment Insurance Division provides a quick and easy way to claim your weekly unemployment insurance benefits check by telephone using a feature of the Information Hotline called “TeleBenefits.”

Is Delaware getting the 300 unemployment?

Delaware does not have plans to join half the states in the U.S. that have chosen to end the $300 weekly unemployment checks from the federal government, according to the Department of Labor. “We will continue to monitor the situation as Delaware’s economy continues to improve.”

How do I email unemployment in Delaware?

Respond to requests from the Division promptly by email [email protected] or 302-761-6637.

Will unemployment be extended in Delaware?

END OF FEDERAL PANDEMIC BENEFITS The duration of these federal benefit programs was determined by Congress, and Delaware does not have the power to extend them.

How long does it take to get your first unemployment check in Delaware?

A. If you are eligible to receive benefits, your first check will normally be mailed within three weeks after filing your claim, and a check should arrive every week after that if you continue to mail your Weekly Pay Authorizations weekly.

How do I know if I’m eligible for FPUC?

To qualify for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, you must be eligible for any one of the following programs. Other requirements include: Able to work, actively seek for work and available for work. Submission of a complete record of work searches.

How much unemployment will I get in Delaware?

If you are eligible to receive unemployment, your weekly benefit rate is the total amount you earned during the two highest paid quarters of the base period, divided by 46. The current minimum benefit is $20 per week; the current maximum is $400 per week.

How much does unemployment pay in Delaware?

How do you know when unemployment is approved?

It takes at least three weeks to process a claim for unemployment benefits and issue payment to most eligible workers. When your first benefit payment is available, you will receive a debit card in the mail. Once you activate the card you can track, use, and transfer your benefit payments.

How do you check if my UIF claim is approved?

You will receive a case number upon submitting your claim, please login to uFiling to check the progress or contact the call centre at 012 337 1680.

What is the phone number for the Delaware Department of Labor?

Contact the Delaware Department of Labor. You may contact the Delaware Department of Labor by calling 302-368-6600, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Delaware Department of Labor, 225 Corporate Boulevard, Newark, Delaware, 19702.

What is the unemployment rate in Delaware?

Delaware Unemployment. According to the BLS current population survey (CPS), the unemployment rate for Delaware rose 0.1 percentage points in September 2019 to 3.5%.

What does the Deparment of Labor do?

Answer: The Department of Labor (DOL) fosters and promotes the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States by improving their working conditions, advancing their opportunities for profitable employment, protecting their retirement and health care benefits, helping employers find workers, strengthening free collective

How to apply for unemployment in Delaware?


  • under “Services” on the left side of your computer screen
  • Select “File a New or Reopened Claim Online” under “Services” on the left side of your computer screen
  • Click on “Start My Claim Now”