How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Infiniti G25?

Connect to Bluetooth®

  1. SET UP YOUR DEVICE. Open Settings > Bluetooth on your phone and make sure the functionality is set to On.
  2. SET UP YOUR VEHICLE. Press MENU hard key to get started.
  3. PAIR YOUR DEVICE. Navigate through to Settings > Bluetooth on your device and select MY-CAR.

Does 2011 Infiniti G25 have Bluetooth?

Apparently playing music through bluetooth isn’t an option on the cars without nav (the 2011 G25 doesn’t have nav).

How do I play music on my 2011 Infiniti G37?

Re: Playing iPhone 5s music in my 2011 G37 (no nav) 2, plug in your device to the USB, play music on your device, press AUX, arrow over to the PAUSE/PLAY button and press OKAY…music should start playing.

Does a 2012 Infiniti g25 have Bluetooth?

No. They have RCA inputs that play via AUX.

Which Infiniti vehicles have streaming audio via Bluetooth?

As of this blog post’s publishing, Bluetooth audio streaming comes equipped in the following models:


How do I connect my phone to Infiniti?

Of course you can….If you have a Smartphone:

  1. Download the INFINITI InTouch App from Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Create an account from the Owner Portal.
  3. Pair your Smartphone with your head-unit.
  4. Sign-in on the INFINITI InTouch app.
  5. Select the apps you want to display on the head-unit and enjoy!

Does the 2012 Infiniti g25 have Bluetooth?

Does 2010 Infiniti G37 have aux?

Thanks. By the way, the base G37 has an aux input, and models with the nav system have Bluetooth audio streaming.

How do I connect my phone to my Infiniti?

Does the Infiniti Q60 have Bluetooth?

For years, Bluetooth has been a standard feature on all new INFINITI luxury cars and SUVs here at our dealership. INFINITI Q50. INFINITI Q60.

How does Bluetooth work on an Infiniti InTouch?

Connecting your Bluetooth-supported device to your INFINITI should be a smooth and intuitive experience. If you’re experiencing issues, take a moment to explore detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I set up Bluetooth on my Infiniti?

Explore the full setup instructions and functionality of your Bluetooth system based on model, model year and smart device. Easily pair your smartphone with your INFINITI by following these quick, simple setup instructions. Connecting your Bluetooth-supported device to your INFINITI should be a smooth and intuitive experience.

Can you connect your smart phone to your Infiniti?

Connect your smart device to your INFINITI vehicle and drive in luxury enjoying the benefits of Bluetooth, including wireless calls and music streaming. It only takes a handful of intiuitive steps to pair your smartphone to your INFINITI. Our quick guides are designed to help you get connected with simple, easy-to-follow instructions.