How do I access my iPhoto library on an external hard drive?

Open iPhoto while pressing the “Option” key. A dialogue box will open asking you to choose an iPhoto library. Select the library from the external hard drive and click “Open Selected Library.”

How do I create a new iPhoto library on an external drive?

To create a second iPhoto library, quit iPhoto and then hold down the Option key while you launch iPhoto. This will open a window that displays a list of your various libraries. Hit the Create New button, give the library a name, and choose a location (including an external hard drive, if you have one connected).

How do I export my entire photos library to an external hard drive Mac?

Move your Photos library to an external storage device

  1. Quit Photos.
  2. In the Finder, go to the external drive where you want to store your library.
  3. In another Finder window, find your Photos Library.
  4. Drag Photos Library to its new location on the external drive.

How do I move photos out of iPhoto library?

To use the export method:

  1. Open up the first iPhoto library.
  2. Select the photos you want to move.
  3. Choose “Export” from the menu.
  4. Select either Current (exports with edits) or Original.
  5. Select a folder to export the images to.
  6. Import the photos to an existing Photos library.
  7. Repeat for each iPhoto Library.

Where did all my iPhoto Photos go?

iCloud Photos securely stores all of your photos and videos in iCloud, so that you can access them on all your devices. If you took a photo on your iPhone but don’t see it on your other devices, check your settings with these steps: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings > [your name], then tap iCloud.

How do I move Photos from one iPhoto library to another?

There is a way to merge libraries: iCloud photo library.

  1. Move both libraries to the same user account ( /Users/Shared is a good place to do this).
  2. Set up Library A in iCloud Photo Library.
  3. Once the sync has finished, open Library B and make it the system library and turn on iCloud Photos.

How can I Move my Photos library to an external drive?

Your Photos library holds all your photos, albums, slideshows, and print projects. If your library is large, and you want to free up storage space on your Mac, turn on iCloud Photo Library and use Optimize Mac Storage, or move your library to an external drive.

How can I use my external photo library on my Mac?

Click Use as System Photo Library. Your external library is now set up to be your system default, but it’s not currently connected to iCloud. If you use iCloud Photo Library and want to keep that connection active so that you can continually download items you’ve stored, read on. (Otherwise, you can skip this step.) Open Photos on your Mac.

Where do I store my Apple Photo Library?

To prevent data loss, Apple doesn’t recommend storing photo libraries on external storage devices like SD cards and USB flash drives, or drives that are shared on a network. Quit Photos. In the Finder, go to the external drive where you want to store your library.

How do I copy photos from my Mac to an external hard drive?

Step 1: Copy over your Photos library Connect an external drive to your Mac via USB, USB-C, or Thunderbolt. Open a new Finder window. Open your external drive in that window. Open a new Finder window. Click the Go menu and navigate to your Home folder. Select the Pictures folder. Select your old library.