How can the Civil Service Commission help the government?

A civil service commission is a government agency that is constituted by legislature to regulate the employment and working conditions of civil servants, oversee hiring and promotions, and promote the values of the public service. Its role is roughly analogous to that of the human resources department in corporations.

What is the next in rank rule?

In sum, the employees next-in-rank are those who occupy the next lower positions in the occupational group under which the vacant position is classified, and in other functionally related occupational groups, and who are competent, qualified and with the appropriate civil service eligibility.

What is promotion in civil service?

Promotion, actual or notional, is a rise in the status of a civil servant to a position of higher grade which carries greater responsibilities and in most cases, change of duties and title.

What are the criteria for promotion?

Acceptable criteria for promotion are:

  • Experience in the job or tenure.
  • High performance level in [two] recent review cycles.
  • Skillset that matches the minimum requirements of the new role.
  • Personal motivation and willingness for a change in responsibilities.

What are the duties of Civil Service Commission?

The civil service commission promotes competent and productive senior civil servants from one grade to another. It can transfer civil servants from one department to the other. The commission has disciplinary powers, like suspension or dismissal of erring civil servants.

What is chain promotion?

In case of chain promotion, anticipated vacancies may be published simultaneously with the existing vacant position/s.” The publication of the positions of LTOO III and LAOO III made in anticipation of the vacancies therein was by reason of the chain promotion which is allowed by CSC Memorandum Circular No. 40, s.

What are the Civil Service Regulations?

The Civil Service & Personnel Rules & Regulations establish the Personnel Policy for positions and employees defined as Civil Service by the City Charter. The Rules address classification and compensation; qualifications and certifications for employment and promotions; discipline, demotions and dismissals; transfers and separations and layoffs.

What are civil service laws?

“Civil service” laws also are in place to assure that the job application, testing, and promotion processes are fair, are designed to identify the best qualified candidates, and are uniformly administered.

What is Civil Service Section 75?

Civil Service Law Section 75 grants you the right to learn about the evidence that will be brought against you by your employer prior to attending the disciplinary hearing. It is advised that you begin to gather evidence that may be useful in your defense soon after learning of the allegations.

What is the New York State Department of civil service?

The New York State Department of Civil Service is the State’s principal human resources provider for the Executive Branch of State Government, serving approximately 150,000 employees. The agency also provides technical services to the State’s 95 municipal civil service agencies that are responsible for civil service…