How can I watch BBC News live on my phone?

BBC News is available on mobile phones and other wireless handheld devices. To get the latest news and sport from the BBC News website, go to on your mobile device.

How can I watch BBC News live online?

You can watch live streams and programmes on BBC iPlayer, BBC News and BBC Sport (when available) as they’re being broadcast on television or online. You can also watch recorded video clips at any time.

How can I get BBC News app?

Click here to download the BBC News app from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Click here to download the BBC News app from Google Play for Android devices. Features include: Stories available and updated as they happen, with news alerts delivered within seconds.

What’s happened to the BBC News app?

Yes. As of 16 November, the BBC Sport and BBC News TV apps (UK and international) are no longer available on connected TV. You can still keep up with all the latest news headlines and stories by heading to BBC News section on BBC iPlayer or the BBC News website and app for international news.

Can I watch BBC iPlayer without a TV Licence?

If you never watch or record any live TV programmes on any channel or device, and never download or watch BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer, you don’t need a TV Licence.

Can you watch BBC on YouTube?

watch or stream programmes live on an online TV service (such as ITV Hub, All 4, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, etc.) download or watch any BBC programmes on BBC iPlayer.

Is the BBC News app available on Android?

Image caption The BBC News app is available for Android and iOS devices. Depending on the contract you have, data charges may apply for accessing the internet on your mobile device.

How does the BBC World Service app work?

The app also offers the BBC World Service Radio streamed live, social features and personalisation so you can re-order the news categories to suit your interests. Top Stories brings you the latest, breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. My News is a feature allowing you to personalise your news offering.

How to get BBC News in your inbox?

Get news from the BBC in your inbox each weekday morning Find out more about our BBC News App Email us at [email protected] Send an SMS or MMS to +44 7624 800100

What’s the latest news from the BBC newsroom?

The latest headlines, breaking news and sport from the BBC newsroom. Mark Kermode looks at the week’s film and DVD releases. The latest on the plan to lift coronavirus restrictions in England.