How can I shrink my abdominal hernia?

Reduction of Hernia Apply ice or cold compress to the hernia for several minutes to reduce swelling and allow an easier reduction (see the image below). Ice pack is applied to patient with left inguinal hernia in Trendelenburg position. To reduce an abdominal hernia, lay the patient supine.

Which surgery is best for abdominal hernia?

Laparoscopic umbilical hernia repair is a safe and effective technique, even in the presence of multiple previous abdominal surgeries, with two thirds of patients requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalization. It also allows for identification of previously undiagnosed second hernia defects.

What happens if I ignore a hernia?

Hernia complications can be major Typical hernia sites are in the groin, navel or near a previous abdominal scar. Ignoring a hernia or not seeking treatment can result in more serious complications including intestinal blockage, hernia incarceration, or hernia strangulation.

Is there a correlation between abdominal wall hernia and AAAS?

Results: Ample evidence lending support to the clinical correlation between AAAs and abdominal wall hernias exists.

Can you get a hernia in the abdominal wall?

You can also develop a hernia over time in weakened areas of the abdominal wall. These may not be noticeable at first, but as abdominal pressure continues to force tissues or intestines through the opening, a lump will be revealed under the skin.

Is there a cure for an abdominal hernia?

The only cure for abdominal hernia is surgery, typically performed when your hernia has become uncomfortable or painful, or has increased in size.

What does a hernia in the stomach feel like?

A hernia is a gap in this muscular wall that allows the contents inside the abdomen to protrude outward. There are different types of hernias, but the most common hernias occur in the belly or groin areas. Q: What Does a Belly or Abdominal (Ventral) Hernia Feel Like?