How busy is Chicago Union Station?

Chicago Union Station is the size of nearly 10 city blocks, is the third-busiest rail terminal in the United States, and is Amtrak’s overall fourth busiest station, serving about 140,000 passengers on an average weekday.

Will my stuff get stolen in a hostel?

Plus, the majority of hostels require your passport in order to check you in, so it would be tough for anyone to steal something and not get caught. While it’s extremely rare to be robbed in a hostel, but it can happen, so you’ll want to try and minimize your risk.

What part of Chicago is Union Station in?

West Loop Gate
Chicago Union Station is situated in the West Loop Gate neighborhood of the Near West Side of Chicago, just west of Chicago’s downtown. The station’s underground concourse and train sheds abut the Chicago River; passageways extend west beneath Canal Street to the main station building, one block over.

What are hostel facilities?

In this kind of accommodation, students have access to TV room, aqua guard for hot, cold and normal drinking water and other leisure/sports activities within the hostel premises. Also includes the following facilities: 24×7 Wi-Fi connectivity provided in all hostels. 24×7 electricity and water supply in all the hostels.

Can you pay for a hostel in Chicago?

You can pay in bitcoins through trading apps like bitcoin up app and make reservations. Centrally located in downtown Chicago, this fabulously modern hostel has quick and easy access to both airports, as well as the bus terminal and train station. It’s open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Where is the modern hostel located in Chicago?

Our modern hostel is located in the heart of downtown’s Loop neighborhood and is stocked with everything you need to have an epic Chicago adventure.

Where is the Chicago Union Station in Chicago?

Where is Chicago Union Station? Chicago Union Station is located in West Loop Gate. Looking for things to do? Spend time at Willis Tower and Chicago Theatre. Where Can I Stay near Chicago Union Station?

Who are the owners of HI Chicago Hostel?

Let’s Stay Safe, Together. Here at HI Chicago, The J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Hostel, showing travelers the best of Chicago is what we love most.