How big should a green roof be?

Generally speaking, ‘extensive’ green roofs are less than 6 inches deep, and, depending on depth, may support a range of plants. Think sedums (low-growing succulents), herbs, meadow grasses and perennials.

What plants are good for green roofs?

Plants for an Extensive Green Roof

  • Sempervivum. This is a succulent perennial plant with about 40 species, commonly known as “houseleek” or “hens and chicks”.
  • Carex flacca or Carex glauca.
  • Carex elata “Aurea”
  • Delosperma cooperi.
  • Ophiopogon japonicus.
  • Thymus vulgaris.
  • Thymus serpyllum “Minimus”
  • Origanum vulgare hirtum.

What is the best slope for a green roof?

IGRA states that “traditional green roof components can generally be safely and effectively used on roof slopes up to 10 degrees [about 2:12].” Beyond that, installation will be significantly different from a traditional green roof and requires a different approach.

Do green roofs leak?

3: Green roofs may look nice, but they can cause structural problems and leakage. It has to do with the installation and design specification of the structure. All roofs must have a proper waterproofing membrane, green roofs included. There is no evidence to suggest that green roofs are more susceptible to leaking.

What are the layers of a green roof?

A green roof is composed of multiple layers which may include a waterproofing roof protection layer, moisture interception layer, drainage layer, leak detection layer, an engineered planting medium, and specialized plants.

How big should a green roof system be?

Shallow green roofs usually have as little as four to six inches of substrate and do not typically support a large diversity of plant species because of root zone limitations. Deeper green roof systems are more like rooftop gardens with six to eight inches to several feet of growing medium and a wide variety of plants.

How to build a living roof and green roof?

Pour on the bags of gravel – your looking to get just a single layer cover over the entire roof 2. Brush into place 3. Roll over the root membrane 4. Add some more gravel – I went for a layer of about 1.5 x the one under the root membrane (didnt get a photo of this sadly – close your eyes and imagine!)

What should I plant on my green roof?

For extensive green roofs, at least half of the plants should be varieties of sedums. To ensure diversity and viability, at least four different species of sedum should be used. The remainder of the plants should be shrubs, herbs, meadow grasses, or meadow flowers, depending on the desired appearance.