Does Marimekko ship to NZ?

Shop Marimekko online at Bolt of Cloth, best range in NZ, Free shipping on orders over $150.

Who is the designer for Marimekko?

Riitta Immonen
Marimekko’s first fashion collection is designed by Riitta Immonen, who makes use of print patterns from different Finnish artists, including Maija Isola. The show is held at the Kalastajatorppa hotel in Helsinki in May. The audience is enthralled by the colorful patterns and clean cuts.

Does Marimekko make wallpaper?

Brighten up your day and download a timeless Marimekko print wallpaper. To download simply tap to open the full size image, hold your finger on the image, and save the print.

What is coated cotton?

Coated canvas is made from a woven fabric, typically a heavy cotton or polyester canvas that is coated with wax or resin and then treated with heat. Depending on the materials used, the finish can be permanent: (glazed and/or pvc-coated) or temporary: (wax).

Why is Marimekko so successful?

Why was Marimekko such a hit? It wasn’t only the celebrity plug which made Marimekko so popular. Women appreciated that the dresses were pretty enough to be worn in town but still functional enough to be worn around the house.

Why is coated canvas expensive?

It’s easy to wonder why a monogram or damier bag is so expensive, considering the materials. This is because their coated cotton canvas is tougher and more water-resistant than most leathers, so an LV piece of luggage (or handbag) was (and still is) much more durable than your average leather bag and will last longer.

Is coated cotton waterproof?

1. Laminated Cotton. Laminated fabrics such as cotton are prevalent and effective. A thin waterproof coating is given to the cotton to make it waterproof.

What do you know about the company Marimekko?

Marimekko is a design house known around the world for its original prints and bold use of colour. The company was founded in 1951, and its unconventional Scandinavian designs transformed textile printing in Finland. Over the years, Marimekko has remained true to its original mission of bringing joy & quality to everyday life.

When did Marimekko first start making printed clothes?

It started with a dress in 1951 and evolved into an empowering collection of tops, coats, skirts, knits, and more. Timeless printed pieces you’ll wear and love for years.

What kind of cotton are Marimekko bags made of?

All the cotton for the collection is sourced as more sustainable produced Better Cotton. All the bags are made of recycled polyester.

What to buy from Finnish fashion house Marimekko?

Embrace the bright colours and bold prints of Finnish fashion house Marimekko and indulge your home with a splash of vivid authenticity. From eye-catching quilt and cushion covers, to chic bathrobes and signature living space.