Does kingshurst come under Solihull?

Kingshurst means ‘king’s wood’. It became part of the Solihull Metropolitan Borough in 1974, having been previously part of Meriden Rural District.

When was Kingshurst built?

Built as an overspill housing estate in the early 1950s for the City of Birmingham, it became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull in 1974. There are three primary schools, Kingshurst, St. Anthonys and Yorkswood, a library and a small shopping area.

When did chelmsley wood become Solihull?

Although the area became part of Solihull in 1974, Birmingham City Council retained control of their houses until they were officially transferred to Solihull MBC on 29th September 1980.

Is Solihull a district?

It is named after its largest town, Solihull, from which Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is based. It is sometimes locally nicknamed “Solihullshire”. For Eurostat purposes it is a NUTS 3 region (code UKG32) and is one of seven boroughs or unitary districts that comprise the “West Midlands” NUTS 2 region.

What part of Birmingham is Castle Bromwich?

Castle Bromwich (/brɒmɪtʃ/) is a large suburban village situated within the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull in the English county of the West Midlands.

Is Chelmsley Wood rough?

Chelmsley Wood Crime Overview The overall crime rate in Chelmsley Wood in 2020 was 57 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares favourably to the West Midlands’s overall crime rate, coming in 59% lower than the West Midlands rate of 91 per 1,000 residents.

What is the population of Chelmsley Wood?

Chelmsley Wood is a large housing estate and civil parish within the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, England, with a population of 12,453.

What is the oldest part of Solihull?

The earliest known settlement in the area was at Berry Mound, Shirley, which was the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort, a fortified village protected by earth banks, dating back to the 1st century BC and which covered approximately 11 acres (4.5 ha).

What cars are made at Castle Bromwich?


  • Jaguar Cars.
  • Jaguar Range.
  • F-PACE.
  • E-PACE.
  • I-PACE.
  • F-TYPE.
  • XE.
  • XF.

Is Castle Bromwich a good area?

Castle Bromwich is the safest small town in the West Midlands, and is the safest overall out of the West Midlands’s 44 towns, villages, and cities. This compares favourably to the West Midlands’s overall crime rate, coming in 187% lower than the West Midlands rate of 91 per 1,000 residents.

Is lozells rough?

Lozells and Handsworth are considered pretty rough. I’ve visited the Soho Road area several times and never had a problem though.

When did Kingshurst high school in Solihull open?

St Anthony’s Junior School, Fordbridge Road, opened in September 1960. Planning permission was granted in May 1956 for a three-stream secondary modern school at Kingshurst for about 450 children. Kingshurst High School for Boys and Girls opened in Cooks Lane in September 1958.

Where did the name Kingshurst Hall come from?

Kingshurst Hall was a large, red brick building built between the late 13th and 14th centuries. It had its own park and farmland and its tenants included the York family, who gave their name to the small area of the original Kingshurst Hall Park that still remains: Yorkswood.

When was Kingshurst Hall in Kings Hurst demolished?

Certainly worth a look. Kingshurst Hall was an 18th-century house, it was the home of the de Montfort family. The building was demolished in 1962, some of its bricks being used to repair the bridge – picture drawn in the 1940’s.

Is the manor of Kingshurst part of Coleshill?

The history of Kingshurst and the neighbouring manor of Coleshill are intertwined. It may be that Kingshurst was not always a separate manor and was once part of Coleshill. Kingshurst is not mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086 where Coleshill is listed as a royal manor.