Do you need to cover Kamado grill?

Yes, as long as it is safe to be outdoors you can use your kamado grill. Ceramic kamados are not affected by cold weather or rain although using a grill cover is recommended to protect your kamado when not in use.

How much is an akorn grill?

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How long will a Kamado grill last?

Quality: Gas grills last maybe 10 years, if you’re lucky. Kamado grills, however, last a lifetime. They’re more expensive than gas grills, but over a lifetime of grilling the kamado can save you money.

Can you use charcoal in a Akorn grill?

A: Yes you can, but it is better not to use them. Regular charcoals are not dense enough to handle such high heat for longer. You will end up using twice as much as you need to. The best charcoal for Akorn kamado grill is hardwood lump charcoal.

How do I season my Akorn grill?

To protect the grill from rust we recommend regularly coating any bare metal surfaces inside the grill with cooking oil. Do NOT try to season a HOT grill with cooking oil (spray or liquid) as this can cause a fire. Do NOT use any chemicals or water inside the grill as this can cause damage or rust to these surfaces.

How do you make Akorn grill hotter?

To begin the process of heating your AKORNĀ®, open the bottom damper completely, while opening the top damper slightly. Watch the internal temperature gradually increase to allow the air to flow up from the bottom.

How do you season an akorn grill?