Do Honda still make the Crosstourer?

Sadly, the VFR800F, VFR800X Crossrunner and VFR1200X Crosstourer were all dropped from Honda’s range with the introduction of Euro5 in 2021.

Is the vfr1200 fast?

Excellent bike, a little heavy, good finishing, fast. Neutral position for 178 cm/90 kg, long rides are suitable for it. Good ride stability, not very nimble on twisty roads, some effort is needed. Exceptional combined brakes, far much better than many other sport-bikes.

Does Honda still make the VFR1200X?

The Honda Crosstourer (also called VFR1200X) is an adventure motorcycle made by Honda since 2012. It was announced at the 2011 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. The 1,237 cc (75.5 cu in) V4 engine is a re-tuned version of the engine that was first used on the 2010 VFR1200F model….Honda Crosstourer.

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Why did Honda stop making vfr1200?

The VFR1200F was discontinued in 2017, as it no longer complied to new emission standards and noise regulations. This bike was not a commercial success. It was considered to be too large and heavy to be a sports bike and has a too limited range to be a touring bike, so it really fell between two stools.

Does VFR1200F have cruise control?

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for the Manual Shift OR Automatic DCT (select one before adding to Cart). Cruise control switch – there are several options to choose from (see photos):

What is the best Honda VFR?

Overall rating For many, bike journalists included, the Honda VFR 750 is the best road bike ever built. In 1994 Honda revised an already exceptional motorcycle, giving it super-model looks while still retaining those quintessential VFR qualities of legendary reliability, consistent performance and supreme comfort.

Is the Honda VFR a good bike?

The VFR800F is a Really good bike. Perfect handling on fast cornering and high speed run ! The Quality of the bike is incredible. You really can enjoy long ride on the saddle wich is good.

When did the Honda Crosstourer come out in the US?

It deserves more. In May, 2016, the VFR1200X made its unceremonious debut in the United States. Known as the Crosstourer in other parts of the world, the VFR1200X (or Crosstourer) first rolled off Honda’s assembly line in 2012 after being announced at the EICMA Show in 2010.

When did the VFR1200X Crosstourer come out?

Introduced in Europe for 2012 as the Crosstourer, the 2016 VFR1200X benefits from a new seat, C-ABS, self-canceling turn signals, traction control and the third gen of Honda’s optional DCT. With the dollar strong again and the ADV market redlining, Honda has finally brought us the Crosstourer for 2016, rebadged simply VFR1200X for the U.S.

How big are the wheels on a Honda Crosstourer?

The new Crosstourer was designed to compete with the BMW R 1200 GS, Yamaha Super Ténéré and Triumph Tiger Explorer, so it had 19- and 17-inch spoked tubeless wheels, enduro-like upright seating, increased suspension travel and—key in this displacement class—shaft final drive.

Is the 2016 Honda VFR1200X a street bike?

The 2016 Honda VFR1200X is most definitely a street machine, however it does have some off-road capability; certainly fire-roads will be no problem if you want to do some exploring. The Honda is now the other main player of the adventure sport category, joining bikes like the BMW S1000XR and Ducati Multistrada.