Famous Britons

A list of people, some famous and some infamous, steered this country along its course from ancient days to modern times.

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s creativity is the highest achievement of European literature of the Renaissance. If the powerful figure of Dante marks the beginning of the Renaissance, then the titanic figure of Shakespeare crowns its end and crouches it in the history of world culture. Its heritage gained worldwide significance, influenced the work of numerous artists of world […]

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Charles Darwin

“My name is Charles Darwin. I was born in 1809, studied, did a round-the-world voyage – and again learned.” This shortest autobiography reflects the main milestones of the life of the greatest natural scientist of the 19th century. English scientist – the founder of evolutionary teaching. From 1831 to 1836, Charles Darwin made a round-the-world […]

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Mysterious Winston Churchill: cruel tyrant or genius thinker?

It’s hard to find someone who did not know Winston Churchill. Mysterious and amazing – he will not leave anyone indifferent. Not only that Churchill was an outstanding politician, so it is both an artist and a writer. Aphorisms belonging to Churchill, at all on hearing and today. After a large number of years, we […]

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Princess Diana

Princess Diana – the very first spouse of King Charles, the Queen of Wales, performed an enormous part within the existence of The Uk at the conclusion of the 20th-century, and her mystical demise in a vehicle accident set an embarrassing spot upon the reps of the planet’s oldest monarchy. The analysis in to her heartbreaking […]

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Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II (complete name – Elizabeth Alexandra Jane) was created April 21, 1926 in Birmingham is Mayfair within the home of Depend Strathmore on Brewton Road, home range 17. He’s the oldest child King George VI in 1936-1952 gg, of King Albert, Duke of York. And Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. At-birth, Elizabeth was the queen York and […]

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Vince Wire

Vince Wire, entirely John Vincent Cable (was born on May 9, 1943, York, Britain), English politician who offered as deputy chief of the Usa Kingdom’s Liberal Democrats (2006–10) so that as Assistant of Condition for Company, Development and Abilities within the Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition authorities (2010–15). Wire examined economics at Fitzwilliam University, Cambridge (B.A., 1966), and […]

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William Bligh

William Bligh, (created Sept 9, 1754, possibly at Plymouth, section of Devon, England—died Dec 7, 1817, Birmingham), British navigator, visitor, and key of the HMS Bounty in those times of the most popular mutiny on that email. the kid Bligh, of the customs regular approved the Navy. After six decades such as for instance say […]

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Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband, completely Edward Samuel Miliband (produced December 24, 1969, Manchester, England), British politician who provided as key of the Labour Party (2010–15). Turned an intellectual which was prominent where he satisfied and dedicated Kozak, who’d been guarded through the fight having a household in Belgium. Their children, Jesse and Ed, thus grew up in […]

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The Beatles

The Beatles (Beatles), British rock-band. Was created in 1959 in Liverpool. Structure: Paul (David McCartney) g. July 18, 1942; Expressive, bass guitar, keyboards), David Winston Lennon (Oct 9, 1940 – Dec 8, 1980, vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards), George Harrison (Feb 25, 1943 – Nov 29, 2001; vocals, Guitar, sitar, keyboards), Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey, Richard […]

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