British Education

Everything about the system of education and the top universities of the Great Britain

How can I get paid for my ideas?

How can I get paid for my ideas? Getting Paid For Your IdeasWho Will Pay You? Method #1: Find Companies That Are Searching For New Ideas. Method #2: Provide Great Ideas To Any Company. Method #3: Selling Patents. Method #4: Start A Company Based On Your Ideas. Almost Any Company Would Pay For Ideas That […]

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How do you put mentoring on a resume?

How do you put mentoring on a resume? If you have taken time to serve as a mentor through a specific volunteer organization, it is worth putting this experience under a community service category on a resume. Make sure to note how your guidance helped transform mentorees, as these details will help underline your true […]

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What is a passing score on the ANCC exam?

What is a passing score on the ANCC exam? 350 or higher What is a CVRN? The ANCC Cardiac-Vascular Nursing board certification examination is a competency based examination that provides a valid and reliable assessment of the entry-level clinical knowledge and skills of registered nurses in the cardiac-vascular specialty after initial RN licensure. How hard […]

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Business Schools in the UK

Briefly about business education What is a business school? The answer is not necessary to go far: this is the place where you are taught to do business. As a rule, we are talking about higher education. Main variants of specialization: Management, accounting and finance, HR management, logistics, Marketing, Public relations (PR). Business education is […]

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Study in London – a reliable investment

This year, London became the best city in the world for students based on the Best Student Cities rating, which was prepared by the British consulting company QS. The ranking is made by such criteria as the number of universities in the city, the characteristics of the local labor market, cultural diversity and quality of […]

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What does the dissertation writing bring to you?

As a rule, the answer to this question is one – it’s worth it. After all, an academic degree is able to provide its owner with significant advantages. It should be noted, not only moral. In order to find an interesting and highly paid job, you must have a degree of Candidate of Sciences. But […]

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The procedure for writing a sociology paper

It could be debated that the essential section of writing a newspaper is not the practice of writing itself but instead hours and hours, you pay for collecting the stuff for studying, performing research and preparing sociology article summary. It takes a great deal of concentration and time. That is precisely why you might need […]

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Higer education

About the leads for that economy, most are worried with England collection on the program to depart Europe. The government has had actions to assure the vehicle business that England is just a secure spot to commit after Brexit. And thus it will. But there’s one region when the British is just a world-leader where, […]

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