Can you use custom fonts in HTML emails?

Custom fonts aren’t supported in most popular email clients. You can select standard web fonts for your marketing emails in your settings. @font-face and @import are only supported in Apple Mail and a few other email clients. You can add @font-face and @import to the section of custom coded HTML templates.

How do I add fonts to HTML email?

  1. The @import CSS embed code can be used to include custom web fonts in HTML email or newsletters.
  2. Choose fonts to use.
  3. Follow the web font tutorial to choose the fonts you want to use and create your project.
  4. Add the embed code.
  5. To find the embed code for your project, visit the Web Projects page.

How do I use a custom font in an email template?

How to Add Custom Fonts in Email Templates

  1. Custom Font Support and Limitations.
  2. Select a Fallback Font.
  3. Add a Google Font to Your Template.
  4. Add an Adobe Font to Your Template.
  5. Add a Self-Hosted Custom Font to Your Template.
  6. Use Multiple Custom Fonts.
  7. Multiple Google Fonts.
  8. Multiple Adobe Fonts.

How do you use fonts in email?

Use your fonts in email Just use the font-family name defined in the import method followed by your fallback font(s) in either the CSS inline or in the head: font-family: ‘Roboto’, Verdana, sans-serif; Think of this as a prioritized list of preferred fonts.

How do I add custom fonts to Stripo?

How to add a custom font to your project settings with Stripo:

  1. scroll down to see the “Font management” paragraph;
  2. click the “Add custom font” button (I already have three custom fonts);

Can I use custom fonts in my email?

You Kinda Can Use Custom Fonts in HTML Emails . And you use them pretty much just like you’d use custom fonts on a website. Jaina Mistry had the scoop on this last year over on the Litmus blog: While web fonts don’t have universal support, here are the email clients where they are supported:

How to use web fonts in email?

Using Google Web Fonts, use the search filters to find the font you need, using either the name of the font or the characteristics. Once you have found your font, click on the quick use button. The service will package the font into a stylesheet that you can paste in the of your email.

How do you change the type size in outlook?

You can change the font type and size for some items, as follows (Outlook 2010 and 2013): Click the View tab. Click View Settings in the Current View group. Click Conditional Formatting. In the resulting window (Figure F) select the item, and then click the Font button below. Choose font type and size. Click OK three times.

What is the best font for Gmail?

Here is the list of default fonts for the most popular email clients: iCloud Mail uses Helvetica as a default font. Gmail adopts Arial. Microsoft Outlook of the oldest versions often uses Calibri . Outlook 2007/2010/2013 has a Times New Roman as a fallback font.