Can you get promoted in the Air Force Reserves?

Many Air Force reservists jokingly say that the only way you can be promoted in the Air Force Reserve is if someone of a higher rank retires or dies and you will be able to fill their slot. For the most part, the requirements to advance are no different than someone that is Air Force active duty.

How does Air Force determine promotion eligibility?

After the Air Force determines what the promotion-rate is going to be overall, airmen have to be eligible for promotion, based on the skill level they’ve received in their jobs, TIG/TIS, EPRs, and scores on advancement tests.

How many points for must promote?

The next 15 percent of senior airmen, and 10 percent of staff and tech sergeants, can receive a “must promote” rating, which yields 220 points. The next three ratings — “promote,” “not ready now,” and “do not promote” — will get an airman 200, 150 and 50 points respectively, but there will be no limits on those.

How long does it take to become a staff sergeant in the Air Force Reserves?

Moving up the Air Force Ranks: Promotion to staff sergeant requires three years of time in serve (TIS) and six months of time in grade (TIG). In addition, airmen must achieve a 5-skill level, compete in WAPS and complete the Airman Leadership School in-residence before assuming the rank of staff sergeant.

How does Air Force Reserve pay work?

Pay for Air Force Reservists varies based on the days served. The rate of pay is determined by whether the service is performed on the weekends (inactive duty training), or active duty (two-week annual tour). Pay is also based on the rank that you hold and the number of years of your military service.

How do you get promoted in the Air Force Reserve?

The first step to a successful promotion within the Air Force Reserve is by recommendation of your immediate commander. The goal of the Air Force is to promote officers using a just and reasonable competitive selection system. You will have to prove yourself, based on past performance and future potential, so that you can move forward.

What are Air Force Reserve requirements?

Basic Requirements. To join the Air Force Reserve, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, although some college courses might be required if you have a general education development diploma instead of a standard high school diploma.

What does an Air Force reservist do?

An Air Force reservist is a member of the United States military on call in case of a national emergency or should other need arise. While the organization was originally developed to serve alongside the Air Force, over the years since its formation, reservists have taken on a number of duties that are their sole responsibility.