Can you get a refund on TV Licences?

You can apply for a refund for any length of time left on your licence, and no matter how long ago you became eligible for an over 75 or blind concession.

How is TV Licence refund calculated?

Any refund due is calculated in unused months. You must have at least one complete month left on your licence that you won’t need before it expires. So you could get a refund for between one and 11 months, depending on how long you have left on your licence. Find your licence number.

How can I cancel my TV Licence legally?

If you pay by direct debit you can cancel it by filling out TV Licensing’s contact form. Tell it you no longer watch TV and confirm your current address. You’ll also need to cancel your direct debit with your bank. If you pay with a TV Licensing payment card, you’ll need to call 0300 555 0286.

Can I get help with my TV Licence?

If you’re faced with unexpected financial difficulties and sorting your TV Licence is still on the to-do list, organise it sooner rather than later. You can call 0300 790 6113 to talk it through with an advisor, or speak to a debt management organisation, such as Christians Against Poverty, for advice.

How do I cancel my TV Licence by phone?

calling us on 0300 790 6131*, or.

Who is exempt from paying for TV Licence?

People who are aged 75 or over and receive Pension Credit. People who are blind (severely sight impaired). People who live in qualifying residential care and are disabled or over 60 and retired. For businesses that provide units of overnight accommodation, for example, hotels and mobile units.

Can you get a TV licence refund if you are over 75?

If you or your partner don’t receive Pension Credit you’ll need to continue to pay for your licence. As part of the over 75 application you will be issued a refund if you are due one. You should find out if your care home already has a TV Licence that will cover you.

Can you cancel your TV licence if you no longer live in the UK?

If you’re no longer going to be living in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and you won’t need your licence again before it expires, you can cancel your licence and may be able to request a refund. Cancel your licence or request a refund. The licence holder has died. If a TV Licence is still needed at the address.

Where do I Find my TV licence expiry date?

If you haven’t paid for your licence in full, its expiry date may be changed to reflect what you’ve paid. You can view your licence expiry date by signing in to your licence with your licence number, name on the licence and postcode. Find your licence number.

How old do you have to be to renew your TV licence?

If the licence is a free over 75 licence, it will remain valid until the licence expires. The person still living at the address will then need to renew the licence. If the person is 74 and receives Pension Credit, they could be entitled to a free over 75 TV Licence.