Can you fit a bike rack to a swan neck towbar?

Carry bikes on a towbar with the right bicycle carrier for your needs – towbar cycle carriers which mount directly onto the towball are suitable for carrying bikes on swan neck towbars or on fixed towballs, but cannot be used whilst towing. …

What is the difference between flange and swan neck towbar?

The flange ball towbar features two distinct parts — the towball and the tow neck — which are bolted together to create the towbar. In contrast, the swan neck towbar features the towball and the tow neck as one single solid unit.

What is a swan neck towbar?

In the E.U. the most common towbar type is the swan neck towbar. This is where the tow ball and the neck are all one piece of the towbar. This type of bar is a little less versatile than flange style; you can either tow or attach a cycle carrier but you can’t use both at the same time.

Can you fit a bike rack to a detachable towbar?

Can I use a bike rack with a detachable towbar? There are bike racks that fit to a swan neck or detachable towbar but it cannot be used whilst towing as the bike rack clamps onto the 50mm ball. 8.

Do you need a tow bar to fit a bike rack?

Hatchback racks While having a tow bar for is the easiest way to mount a rear bike rack, it’s not a prerequisite.

Can I fit a tow bar to my car?

If you already have a towbar and want to transfer it onto another vehicle, technically it can be done – if you are transferring it to the exact same make and model. However, it needs to comply with EU regulations, be type-approved and in good working condition.

What is a false cross bar?

The Halfords False Cross Bar is designed to make it easier to load bikes onto your car, it adapts to all cycles without horizontal crossbars for easy loading onto rear mount cycle carriers. It is suitable for most bikes including ladies, childrens & bikes with suspension.

What is the difference between tow bar and tow ball?

You can fit different tow balls and you can mount various accessories along with the tow ball. Both fixed and detachable towbars have the same towing capacity. The only difference between the two is that you can easily remove the detachable towbar when it’s not in use. This improves the appearance of your vehicle.

Can a fixed towbar be removed?

If you still want to disconnect the towbar, despite this warning, we recommend having a certified mechanic do so. Visit a garage to have the towbar refastened as well. If you want to disconnect your fixed towbar more often, it might perhaps be better to exchange it for a detachable towbar.

Can you get a swan neck tow bar on eBay?

You can get a bolt on type swan neck Tow Bar. I’ve got one on mine made by Witter although there are other alternative brands out there I’m sure!! I don’t know how sturdy that one on ebay might be as it might want to rock n’ roll about on the Tow ball. It looks a neat solution but I wouldn’t be using it for anything more than a push bike.

What’s the best carrier for a tow bar?

Premium Bike Carriers for European Tow bars, Sydney,Brisbane,Perth,Melbourne, Australia. Towbar Mounted Bike Carriers Our towbars are perfectly suited for Towball Mounted Bike Carriers – we recommend Thule. Rapidbike Hang On (5 bike) Flexible, tiltable, quick and easy to use bike carrier (for 5 bik..

How does the Voyager Swan neck bike rack work?

It features an upright S-Tube with a sideways offset of 12cm to return the load centrally in line with the tow bar but without any rearwards offset to suit vehicles without a rear mounted spare wheel.

Can a Witter towbar be used outside the UK?

Mainly used outside the UK and the least flexible design as no additional accessories can be used. Cycle carriers are available for this type of towbar but you cannot tow at the same time.