Can you do a psychology apprenticeship?

Apprentices will be employed to work in our mental health services, will receive regular supervision and training from qualified psychologists and will have one day a week at university. The apprenticeship will last for 18 months. They will be paid while they are training.

Are there NHS apprenticeships?

What is available? Apprenticeships are offered by individual NHS employers (such as trusts) as well as other non-NHS employers and organisations in many different areas of work.

Can you do an apprenticeship to become a social worker?

The apprentice will achieve a degree in social work whilst gaining ‘on-the-job’ experience to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to be a competent social worker. A minimum of 20% of the apprentices paid working hours must be spent in off-the-job training. The training will typically take 36 months.

Can you do an apprenticeship in clinical psychology?

You could do a clinical associate in psychology integrated degree apprenticeship. As clinical associate in psychology you would work under the supervision of a registered clinical psychologist.

Which universities offer degree apprenticeships?

Universities offering degree apprenticeships

  • Anglia Ruskin University. • Supply Chain Management.
  • Aston University. • Chartered Manager.
  • Birmingham City University. • Broadcast Technology.
  • Buckinghamshire New University. • Chartered Manager.
  • City University. • Legal.
  • Coventry University.
  • Lancaster University.
  • Liverpool John Moores.

Is it hard to get an apprenticeship UK?

Intermediate Apprenticeships are Level 2, which means they are the equivalent of GCSEs and the first level of apprenticeship available in the UK. Due to Intermediate Apprenticeships being the first level available, it is not too difficult to get one if you have the necessary qualifications.

How much do you get paid for an NHS apprenticeship?

During your apprenticeship, you will earn £16,539. Based on meeting our performance standards, you will then have a guaranteed opportunity to transition into a full-time role in the Trust, with a minimum starting salary of £22,052.

What is the apprenticeship program in King County WA?

King County’s Apprenticeship Program is committed to fostering partnerships with labor, business, and the local community to create a skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of the county’s population. King County establishes apprenticeship requirements on select public works construction projects.

Are there any apprenticeship programs that take applications?

The following listing of registered program sponsors does not necessarily signify they are taking applications for apprenticeship or employment. Program sponsors determine individually when they will take applications. Please contact program sponsors to check on open application periods.

Who is involved in Maryland apprenticeship and training program?

– Tim Bojanowski “The employers are the ones that at the end of the day become very successful…” – Jason Roberts “We’ve been involved with the [program] for 25 years…”

How to prepare for an apprenticeship in Washington State?

Ready For Apprenticeship? Apprenticeship preparation programs help you find and prepare for registered apprenticeship opportunities. Each recognized program listed below has working relationships with one or more registered apprenticeship program sponsors.