Can you beat Kratos Tales of Symphonia?

It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat him, you’re only around level 40 when you get there. You definitely need NG+ to beat him.

Where do you get beast hide in Tales of Symphonia?

The Bears on the Ossa Trail can drop both Beast Hide and Beast Fang, and I think you can steal one or the other from them. You will soon be able to take a long walk back to that area if you can’t already.

Where is Clara Tales of Symphonia?

She can be found later during the attack on Luin, holding the key to the Tower of Mana’s entrance. In a sidequest, it is possible for Raine Sage to cure Clara with one of her newly acquired healing spells in Izoold.

Are you supposed to lose to Kratos?

When you lose against Kratos, just push the A button and you will continue on. You’re not meant the beat him really, so it doesn’t matter if you do or not.

How do you get to the Tower of Mana in Tales of Symphonia?

To get into the Tower, you got to get the key from Clara in Hima… if you met Clara in Luin, then I think Clara will show up in Hima. To get through it… Well you have to split up your party. The puzzles are one of those mirror thingies.

Who is Kratos Aurion in Tales of Symphonia?

Kratos Aurion is a self-proclaimed “mercenary” you meet at the beginning of the game when Colette receives the oracle to begin the Journey of Regeneration. Like the cool guy he is, he saves your party from a group of people attacking the temple.

Is there a walkthrough for Tales of Symphonia?

The walkthrough also lists all the treasure chests needed to get Sheena’s Treasure Hunter title. One thing I will not do in this FAQ is recommend levels for bosses/dungeons.

Who is the best character in Tales of Symphonia?

Kratos Aurion is one of my all-time favorite characters in Tales of Symphonia. In fact, I like him so much, that I put him in second place in my ranking of all the possible party members. (By the way, there’s a spoiler alert in effect from here on out, because I’m about to discuss crucial plot points to the story.)

How do you get attack attribute in Tales of Symphonia?

Attack Attribute: Attack attribute is when your physical attacks have an element associated with them. An attack attribute can be given by using a quartz item during battle, equipping a weapon that has an attack attribute, using one of Sheena’s Sylva or Tethe seals, or equipping a gem received from a summon spirit (Aquamarine for example).