Can Google Forms redirect after submitting?

No, there is no way to redirect to another URL after a Google Form is submitted. You’d need to use a Web App with an HTML form.

Is InfoPath going away?

Yes, Microsoft has decided to discontinue InfoPath which worked mostly on top of SharePoint and replaced it with a more cross-platform-ish alternative called PowerApps. However, Microsoft will keep supporting InfoPath till 2026, but there won’t be any updates to the core product such as feature additions.

How do you refresh a field in InfoPath?

Go to your list, and in the ribbon select the list tab, and under the Customize list category, click the InfoPath icon called customize form. It will open InfoPath form for you and prompt you if you want to update the list’s data source, click yes.

What is InfoPath being replaced with?

PowerApps turns out to be the most appropriate alternative to the InfoPath forms. It provides the same flexibility, capability and development aspects as InfoPath forms. In Microsoft Ignite 2016 (Microsoft’s Premier Tech event), they officially proclaimed PowerApps as the successor to the InfoPath forms.

How do you redirect to another page in HTML After submit?

You need to use the jQuery AJAX or XMLHttpRequest() for post the data to the server. After data posting you can redirect your page to another page by window. location. href .

How do I redirect a form after submission?

If you want, you can redirect site visitors that submit forms on your website to an entirely different website besides your own. To do this, go to Settings » Confirmation and select the Confirmation Type as Go to URL (Redirect).

How much longer will InfoPath forms work on Office 365?

Although InfoPath forms is deprecated, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 will continue to support it until 2023. The 5 key reasons described below are why organizations need to start planning their transition strategies to replace their legacy InfoPath based solutions.

Does Microsoft still support InfoPath?

InfoPath Form Services will continue to work on SharePoint on-premises servers up to SharePoint 2019. For Microsoft Office 365 tenants, InfoPath currently still works, but Microsoft could decide to end that at any time. Continuing to use InfoPath on Office 365 puts an organization at considerable risk.

Can Microsoft Forms replace InfoPath?

Microsoft Forms to Replace InfoPath? Microsoft: “No.” Like many of our customers, we’ve been tracking Microsoft comments regarding the retirement and replacement of InfoPath since the deprecation of InfoPath was announced in early 2014.

What did PowerApps replace?

In the case of Power Apps replacing InfoPath, the answer is a resounding yes. While InfoPath will still be supported until April of 2023 for legacy systems, there is no guarantee that it will be supported in Microsoft 365 until that time.

How do I close the InfoPath submission form?

Utilized an InfoPath Web Part that displayed the form. In the Submit Options in “InfoPath” you can select “Advanced” and set submission success and submission failure messages, and after submit “Close the Form”.

How to create a new view of the InfoPath form?

Their solution was to create a new view of the form in InfoPath… so basically everything happens on the site home page. When users fill out the survey and submit, the “submit” form appears. There is a redirect script embedded on my home page, and every 10 seconds the page “refreshes.”

How does submit Form redirect to new page?

When users fill out the survey and submit, the “submit” form appears. There is a redirect script embedded on my home page, and every 10 seconds the page “refreshes.” The problem with that is that a user could be in the middle of filling out the survey (3 quick questions) when the page redirects, and they have to start over.

How to redirect a user after submitting an InfoPath?

I found this article… that recommends this script… So basically then you can define the Thank You URL using source= and if you don’t want to use source you simply replace the variable