Can Egyptian speak French?

Most educated Egyptians are fluent in English or French or both, in addition to Arabic. There are also other minor linguistic groups. The Beja of the southern section of the Eastern Desert use an Afro-Asiatic language of the Cushitic branch known as To Bedawi (though some speak Tigre and many use Arabic).

Is French common in Egypt?

French. In 2009-2010 about six million people studied French in Egypt, and this number increased to 8 million in 2013. As of 2014 most people in Egypt using French have studied it as a foreign language in school. The first French-medium schools in Egypt were established in 1836.

How can I learn to speak French by myself?

How to Learn French by Yourself in 13 Shockingly Simple Steps

  1. Do Written French Exercises (with an Answer Guide)
  2. Make and Use French Flashcards.
  3. Take French Dictations with Songs.
  4. Actively Watch French TV and Movies.
  5. Use Written French to Practice Grammar Points and Vocabulary.
  6. Keep Up with the News.

What is language in Egypt?

Although Modern Standard Arabic is the official language, Egyptian Arabic is the most widely spoken among the languages spoken in Egypt. It is also the de facto national language in the country.

What kind of Arabic is spoken in Alexandria Egypt?

Roadside ads in Alexandria, Egypt, SourceThis language can also be referred to as Bedawi, Levantine Bedawi Arabic, or Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic. This is a form of Arabic uttered by the Bedouin people.

Where did the modern Arabic language come from?

Modern Standard Arabic came from Classical (medieval) Arabic, and it has a grammar and syntax that’s remained largely fixed since the 7th century. However, some elements of its style and phrasing have shifted over time, in some part thanks to English and French influence.

Are there any other countries that speak Arabic?

Egyptian Arabic is a second language in other Arabic countries such as Yemen, Kuwait, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The prevalence of the language in other nations has been facilitated by the popularity of Egyptian film and media industries across the world.