Are UGG boots real sheepskin?

UGG uses only the highest-grade sheepskin available. Twin-face sheepskin is used in many of our core products. A piece of twin-face sheepskin has been treated on both the fleece side, and the skin side, providing the soft comfort UGG is famous for.

Are sheep killed for UGG boots?

UGG boots are made of shearling—yep, that’s skin with the fleece still attached, people! Every year, millions of sheep are castrated and parts of their tails are cut off—often without any painkillers—before they’re finally slaughtered for their skin, which is what UGG boots are made of.

Are real UGGs made in Australia?

All Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made at our factory and ecologically processed at our Roman Tannery in Laverton North, Melbourne. We welcome you to call or visit us anytime to see where these excellent products come from.

Are there any UGG boots that are made in Australia?

We believe that the quality and fantastic value of our Sheepskin Boots are the Best available from any genuine supplier in Australia. We offer only the Real Australian Uggs, genuinely made in Australia from the best Australian Sheepskin.

Where do UGG boots get their fleece from?

Made In Australia – Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia. We are proudly Australian owned & operated. Australian A-Grade Double-Faced Sheepskin – Top quality Australian sheepskin with dense fleece that traps warmth and provides supreme cushioning around the entire foot.

Where can I buy sheepskin boots in Australia?

Our Brazilian Cowhides are unique and left natural (unbleached skin and hair). We send our sheepskin products and cowhides to customers throughout Australia and overseas. If you are in Brisbane, feel free to drop into our Warehouse for a look. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

What kind of boots are made in Australia?

Australian Leather manufacturer Ugg Boots as well as Leather and Sheepskin products that are 100% Australian Made.