Are there any literary awards in New Zealand?

Literary awards presented annually in New Zealand to recognise excellence in crime fiction, mystery, and thriller writing. Awarded annually by Nielsen BookData to the book which booksellers most enjoyed reading, selling and promoting.

When did the New Zealand literary fund start?

Established by the New Zealand Literary Fund, a government organisation, in 1976. Annual awards were presented for literary merit in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and (later) book production. Series of literary awards presented annually to recognise excellence in children and young adult’s literature in New Zealand.

Which is the first city in New Zealand to have a Writer’s Fellowship?

Dunedin was the first city in New Zealand to initiate a writer’s fellowship and today considerable support is provided to many writers through the multitude of awards, competitions and residencies on offer.

Is there a writing competition in New Zealand?

The writing competition was open to high school students and called for fictional writing in response to McCahon’s paintings, limited to 750 words. The competition coincided with the lock down in New Zealand enforced to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during April through May 2020.

What are the categories for the memoir prize?

The Annual Memoir Prize awards Memoir and Creative Nonfiction book-length works of exceptional merit in the categories of traditional, self-published, and previously unpublished prose. Categories: traditionally published, self-published works, and unpublished manuscripts

Who are the judges for the New Zealand Book Awards?

The Illustrated Non-Fiction Award will be judged by Dale Cousens (Ngāruahine) of the National Library of New Zealand; bookseller and former publisher Brian Phillips; and writer, graphic designer and magazine art director Jenny Nicholls.